-The jar-

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My first work being uploaded in NG and my first try into 3D animation, this short was more of an experiment that anything else, and also it was my animation test for the college. This work was also really exhausted not only for the deadline, also because I was trying to do things that I have never try before, It was painfull but at the end it really pay off.

I know by far that this is not perfect and that's the reason why I'm uploading it, I want to show it to NG and know how good or bat it is, I would apreaciate any comment for the sake of improving my work and I hope to upload more in the future.

Also, special thanks for Mr TomFulp to giving me acces to the MP4 uploader so I can post this. Thanks dude, you're awesome.


The animation isn't bad, the way the runes on the jar lit up was really well done but character movement was a bit sloppy and the eyes moved a bit too fast on the guy who was reading to look realistic, all in all it was really well done for a first submission, and I look forward to seeing your future work!

it was alright but I am personally not satisfied with the ending because seeing the animation means you can do far better than this pointless storyline i know random stuff is popular but it's about letting the audience know what is going on and it helps to have something they can relate to like pokemon or memes but for animation i will give it a three but i am disappointed i have a feeling you can do much better hope this helps :) not trying to be judgemental just honest and giving my opinion

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i feel a ton of effort. it feels like you really wanted to do something here, and it shows. the plot was confused and really lead you nowhere, but for a little 3D art film, not terrible.

i especially love the windwaker influenced visual style. it worked well, and made me compelled to see all the creative camera angles and lighting.

honestly, it just needs a more interesting plot and more interesting pacing. thats about it and you'd have yourself something fantastic.

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At first I thought this was going to be another brony submission but then I sighed in relief when I saw the thing's ears. Beautiful 3d art but the animations still look a little too simple, though with time and effort that can be circumvented. I think it's totally original and innovative.

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CheloMan responds:

yeah, after I upload it I see the palett coincidence, sorry is a good palet, even so, when I was making it I discard another two options because there where in MlP too (btw, haven't see the show yet), I hope that no one get issues with the colors.

Thanks for the comment.

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3.60 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2012
6:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Original