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Digital Upgrade- Decoded

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Fast Thinker 5 Points

Reach at least 5 consecutive matches with each match less than 3 seconds apart

Combo Pro 10 Points

Reach a combo of 4x

Digital Upgrade 25 Points

Reach first quantum release

Combo Master 50 Points

Reach a combo of 6x

My Savior 50 Points

Reach third quantum release

Parallel Combo! 50 Points

Two or more simultaneous matches twice in a row

Shall I Stay Forever? 100 Points

Reach fourth quantum release

Author Comments

Combine strategy, match 3 and cool upgrades to decode digital upgrade's cyber-world secrets.
* Pay attention to the monsters column to the left and learn how to create the next chain in the monster's evolution.
* Don't forget using the power-ups in the right menu, they are crucial to completing the game and unlocking all monsters and secrets.

* Game takes a bit of loading, but I hope you'll think it's worth it :)

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But how do you make a 6x combo?

Very addicting game. Just completed it after many hours of playing this one and the original one. One of my favorite puzzle games. Nice improvement from the first game, requires a lot less luck to win. This game is a real hidden jewel and should be way more popular.

I love this game, and this developer. Thanks for the hours of entertainment.

There are a few questions I have:
1. Why the decision to make a sequel to a game about matching random computer parts?
2. Why the choice to include World of Goo sound effects?
3. Why make a story for this game?

I don't like a few things about this game. The story is very forced and doesn't connect with the game-play, you have to restart when you lose, and the game is unnecessarily hard.
It would be fine if the game was hard but didn't have you restart when you lose.

I also like some parts of the game too.
I enjoy the type of puzzle, and I've only seen a few games that have it. I also enjoy that it's a nice and fun way to kill time.
But adding a story makes it seem like less of a casual game, when it really is. The story seems to attempt to hide the simplicity of the game, which I actually enjoy the simplicity of the first game.

I would recommend this game to casual gamers, and to people who like puzzle games.

The game isn't bad, but it definitely has some significant imperfections.

I make many tries, and reach 5.399.730.
That is only One quantium...
It's just infinitely hard for me.
Need more things. Any new modes or something else...

And I would like a little easier.

But game is very interesting. I recommend.

I think I might have encountered a bug, sometimes when you complete a quantum, the game freezes after the cut-scene when the screen turns white. I've only played this on internet explorer so I don't know if it's the browser or not.
As for the game itself I rather enjoyed it. It's a nice upgrade from the previous game, with voice acting and improved graphics. My only complaint was it got kind of difficult after a while trying to remember tiers in order to organize the pieces.
Overall, well done.