Reaching Finality

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Impossible to go alone! 5 Points

Get the pitchfork

Heart Master 50 Points

Collect every heart in the game.

You Won! 50 Points

Beat the game.

Daredevil 100 Points

Beat the game with three hearts.

Author Comments

The story of a man and a spirit trapped on the Earth. Embark on a journey to help the spirit get to the afterlife.

Arrow keys: Move
Z: Interact with objects and advance text
X: Attack (when you can)
ENTER/P: Pause
V: Change volume
M: Mute

~!~Save your game from the pause menu~!~

Soundcloud: http://goo.gl/Qpr9g

~August 18th 2012~
* Fixed the bug where the boss could leave and never return.
* Potentially fixed the blue one-eyed enemies going into solid tiles.

-July 31st 2012~
* Fixed a bug where a door would reset your items to your last save.
* Fixed places where you could walk off screen
* Other small fixes


I wanted to get all the hearts, but I ended up in the boss room before I could. XP

Then on my next runthrough, I could only find 8 total... I'm surprised there are more than that, because I was sure to look everywhere!

Kcori responds:

One's pretty hard to find. You have to be really observant.

I didn't finish this game, but it is a testament to my loathing of front page game jam submissions. This is a boring Legend of Zelda clone, where all the difficulty stems from the inflexibility of the controls. God forbid if a bat flies at you from an ANGLE!

Still, I've seen worse games, so 2.5/5.

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Kcori responds:

I'd love to hear what exactly what you thought was boring about it for future reference. The combat probably would have been better had your attack been a horizontal slash rather than a stab, a la Link to the Past.

Thanks for playing anyway.

the game wont start up its just a black screen

This may be weird, but i like how your starting screen doesn't have an about or credit option, just the options to start the game. You could have easily done different, but you decided to keep the game about the game, not yourself. for that, 5/5.

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I can tell a great deal of time and sincere effort was put into this game, it looks very nice and everything operates smoothly. But I'm sorry to say I couldn't sit through all the way to the end, the gameplay is very monotonous and none of the enemies pose any real challenge (except the final boss maybe? I wouldn't know lol...). So as a game I didn't really care for it, but as a showcase for your pixel art and programming skills, I'd say it's tremendously successful.

In short, it really shines at what it does well.

Kcori responds:

Have you tried beating the game with three hearts? A lot of skilled Zelda players do that to make it more of a challenge. It kinda adds more of a strategic element in that it makes you plan out your attacks. I even added a medal for it!

Thanks for playing and reviewing.

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Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2012
4:47 PM EDT
Adventure - Other