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Milford the Ghosts

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Wintermute 5 Points

Defeat Hip the Snow Wizard

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Defeat Elroy

Phantom Clash 25 Points

Defeat Lady Seraph

StormButterfly X 50 Points

Defeat Bullet Hellington

Author Comments

Milford the Ghosts is a shoot 'em up about a ghost named Milford who can shoot himself as a projectile at randomly generated enemies whilst leveling up and taking on spooky bosses. The game was developed in Stencyl as part of the Stencyl Jam 2012 competition.

Music by Wareya - http://soundcloud.com/wareya/


It was kinda fun, for about 5 minutes...

Do not be discouraged by my 3 star review. I am giving you three stars for a few reasons.
1. I do not believe that a game should be so simple. I have made my fair share of computer games and understand the work that goes into them (even simple ones). So I hate to see a game get boring after a short amount of time. I had fun for a few minutes, but it did get sort of boring.

2. I liked the randomness of enemies, but I did not like how some (star) would follow you and hit you no matter what unless you destroyed it.

3. Variation. There was none. None at all. If you started a new game there is a different backdrop, but that is pretty much it. I wish you had incorporated points or experience so people could buy upgrades or items to make this last longer. Once you reach level 3 (which you can do after a few enemies) it dies down real quick. When you are constructing a game make sure you always remember to ask yourself, "what will keep the audience wanting more?" I feel as though upgrades will work. If you have not made a game that includes upgrades let me tell you in short detail. It makes it so the player has a goal (which is always wanted). Even if they are doing the same exact thing for many, many minutes (like this game), at least they are working towards something instead of aimlessly shooting.

All in all, it is a good game, it just gets boring quickly. Different shooting noise when firing at different levels would be nice as well. It is the small changes that can make the difference in a game. No one wants to hear the same shooting sound over and over, nonstop for minutes.

As for performance, I am on a very expensive computer that runs 3D simulation with ease, so I can not comment. I did decide to do more research with this and play it on my Dell laptop (which is decent and has 8 gigs ram but a factory video card-which would not be the issue with this game). I found that the game ran just as well. I suspect that if people are having lag or other performance issues it could be from the code. You have randomly generated enemies which sometimes makes for long code (do some research and you can probably find a way to make a very very very short code). It could also be a problem in the code where you have unnecessary writing. Best of luck to you and I hope to see more.

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Colorvade responds:

Sorry to hear it got old for you. I don't know if you beat any of the bosses (you didn't seem to have any medals), but they (and getting a high score) serve as the main goal to the game, not that I'm trying to undermine your statement that there should be more purpose and drive in the game.

As for variation, I definitely would've loved to expand on things more, I love deep gameplay, but I was trying to keep pace to get this out for the competition (which I decided to enter somewhat late into), so I was pressed for time. The same goes for polish and little details, I'd definitely have done more if I could have.

Thanks for the feedback, I may add bigger changes to the game later on, but I have to consider focusing on future projects as well. Until then I'll be making little tweaks.

I had a lot of fun testing this game. I'm an avid fan of shmups, not exactly the most hardcore player, but as one of Colorvade's testers he was very responsive to testing and balance suggestions. I'm not the only one who he's given respect to feedback for, several reviewers here on NG had issues that he tried to fix.

Overall, I'd give this game a 3.5 or 4 for being so fun to play for an arcade style shmup (I'm bored to tears by most of them) and while I'm not blown away because of the restrictions of the genre itself - I'm sure he'd make a much deeper and tactically interesting game given more time - the game's pseudo/randomness factor and the fact that he responds so gracefully to legitimate criticism give the game a very high score in my book. The game's not perfect and has its share of flaws, but given the short time he was given to work on this game and the restrictions he gave himself, it's beautifully well-made.

I'm aware there are certain issues that come out of the game's random factor, like getting stuck between two hard places and having a rock flying at you, that would never exist in a shmup with manually designed stages. I feel like Colorvade could have given more attention to issues an added more ways to bandaid them. The recent inclusion of continues and not de-leveling when hit by bosses help with most of the game's problems, but I feel like there could have been more done with the controls and meta to make it more pleasant, like a slowdown button that shows your hitbox, spawning with a single bomb to get you out of tight situations at the very beginning of the game (I restart early /all/ the time because of them), and displaying a cursor for mouse control mode. Those would have benefited the game a lot. Oh, and a mouse button for bombing, and some way to save my options. Overall the game has its share of flaws even considering the developer's situation, and I hope that he continues to update and support the game as time goes on. This is why I'm giving the game a 4.5/5 instead of a 5.

There are a lot of people citing performance issues as a reason for giving the game a low score; I don't see the logic behind this, partly because I have a downright horrible computer and still manage run it completely smoothly whenever I'm not running something horribly intensive like a Gamecube emulator in the background, and also because Stencyl itself is prone to performance issues due to its physics engine and lack of optimization/removal of bottlenecks in some margins.

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I like this game, However, it is extremely annoying to play, because the controls are very unresponsive and inaccurate. Especially during boss fights, I noticed that the character wouldn't move right away or that i slided a little further then where I had actually stopped moving. This caused me to die so often that I hereby ragequit because of the controls. Yes, I did try mouse controls, but I launch my mouse out of the screen far too often for this kind of game.

It's pretty fun, but without the ability to upgrade outside of firing rate, and the lack of abilities in general (turn on autofire in the options and you can mostly play just using the arrow keys), the game really drags on. Got to around 12,000 points before dying, and didn't even get to the final boss. Not really willing to go through all that again.

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3.91 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2012
10:02 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight