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Milford the Ghosts

rated 3.91 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight

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Jul 30, 2012 | 10:02 PM EDT

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Wintermute 5 Points Defeat Hip the Snow Wizard
Power Outage 10 Points Defeat Elroy
Phantom Clash 25 Points Defeat Lady Seraph
StormButterfly X 50 Points Defeat Bullet Hellington

Author Comments

Milford the Ghosts is a shoot 'em up about a ghost named Milford who can shoot himself as a projectile at randomly generated enemies whilst leveling up and taking on spooky bosses. The game was developed in Stencyl as part of the Stencyl Jam 2012 competition.

Music by Wareya -



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Too hard but funny


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Milford is a ghost, which you got from the god damned title. What you didn't get from the title is that he died in a world that has gone absolutely bat shit insane.If you ever wondered what it would be like to play a NES on acid, here you go. There are 16 bits in this game, and all of them are tripping balls. Enemies are nonsensical, and the projectiles they fire are only tangentially related to the item itself, SOMETIMES. When the game feels like it, at least.

Everyone knows that ghosts are able to shoot copies of themselves at foes, so naturally that's Milford's primary means of attac- what's that? You say that ghosts have never been accredited with the ability to spawn an infinite number of reflections at things? You, sir, have not ingested the minimum number of hallucinogenic mushrooms in order to properly play this game. Come back when the chairs start to melt into dragons, then we'll let you back in.

So when I said "primary" means of attack, I really meant "only", because that's essentially all you get. Occasionally, you might find a bomb power-up, but if you're anything like me, you're a shriveled, cancerous mass of hatred. More pertinently, you'll want to hold on to that bomb for a boss. I faced Hip the Snow Wizard twice. I beat him once, except I didn't actually because there was a second phase of attacking that wasn't baby's first bullet hell, and instead the fucker started wielding a giant mace in a counterclockwise direction, which is the scariest of all rotations, while bombs descended from no where in particular. The bomb powerup is so exceedingly rare, as are extra lives, that there really isn't any reason for them to exist.

For all the cutesy wutesy assholery bombarding my eyes, the game is surprisingly unforgiving. In order to gain a level and turn more of your ghost's ghost images into screaming existential projectiles, you need to defeat a certain number of enemies. What number that is, I'm not entirely sure. There isn't any sort of experience bar or meter that might indicate how close I am to reaching the next level. There's a score box in the bottom left, but I was too busy playing to be able to see if I leveled at significant numbers. So I'm just going to assume that the score is absolutely arbitrary. Level 1 is miserable, but after you manage to defeat a couple of people consecutively, you'll be firing an incredibly rewarding solid stream of ectoplasmic anger, comparable to the power of a minor Hindu deity. If you get hit, though, you'll lose a life AND a level, so you're pretty much fucked at that point.

Now, in order to beat an enemy, you have to shoot them. No shit. You can only shoot in a straight line, more or less. A couple of shadow yous will veer up or down as they please, but by and large it's a straight stream. The problem is, half the enemies either move vertically, making it incredibly hard to shoot them, or shoot straight ahead themselves. For example, Yeah! Cats and Sonar Swordfish (you were so close to making sense this time, if it was just a dolphin instead of a marlin) will shoot straight at you, which makes them difficult to kill when you're at a low level and only firing off a couple ghost ghosts at a time. The Yeah! Cat projectiles will actually follow you, but you'll be standing right in front of it shooting anyways, so that's pretty moot. Then you'll have enemies like the Fart Cloud and Pointy Trail Leaver that corral you into a certain half of the map, which means you can't dodge the next random item to come by. I had a Palm Tree impale me because a Tracer Stars and Grumpy When Woken were hot on my tail with some farts around, and I had to pull off some aerial maneuvers to try to survive. God, I'm speaking nonsense now. Just hope for lots of Homing Carrots.

Take away the wacky drugged fueled indie bullshit, it's just a fairly generic shooter. Don't get your hopes up for this, there are tons of better shooters that don't have soundtracks consisting of something other than seven notes on a loop, and that you don't have to go to rehab for afterwards.

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Colorvade responds:

I wouldn't like this comment were it not for the fact that it made me laugh so much.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well I Guess Make The Game More Difficult.

1): Make A Ghost Disguise Its An Enemy Then They Dont Shoot It Thats The Way No One Can Beat Your Game If Its Easy They Can Get To The Final Boss

2): Make A Cannon Boss The Name Is Your Choice, Guess What Too? When The Enemy Fired Through The Player They Become Little And They Get Vaccumed Inside The Cannon Then They Lose..

3): I Dont Blame The Powerfull You Are The Many Hits You Must Do To Kill The Enemies How About Shields? That Works On 8 Secs? How About Enemies Only Has 1 Hit? If You Level Up They Increase Health You Must Add Weak Enemies Too

4): How About Dodging? It Would Be Difficult If They Cant Dodge X3 Speed Right? So Were Going To Use X2 Speed X3 Is Fast A Little But If The Things You Had To Dodge Is 4? They Can't Dodge It So Fast. What If Milford The Ghost Is Slow? He Can't Dodge It

5): The Final Boss Must Had A Allies (Team Mates) Only 2 That Need 15 Hits And The Boss Has Health That Showed If Not They're Going To Say "The Boss Is Immortal The Creator Sucks" Thats Going To Say Add A Health And The Damage Is 5 To 10

*Huff Puff* Thats The Only Thing I KNow


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Freezes after about 30 second each time. Completely unplayable. Even for what little bit I did play, not particularly promising.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Dude, this was one of the wackiest things I've played in awhile! It was just unbelievable how relentless it was in how insane it is. I had absolutely no idea what insane thing was going to show up. It didn't help that each enemy took like ten hits to beat. I can still appreciate that it's an original game. That's something I always try to emphasize in my reviews.

I never would have thought there'd ever be a game where a ghost just projects himself over and over. It's kind of creepy when you think about it, but that may have been the theme. I appreciate the sounds and music too. The gameplay does move pretty smoothly. Congrats on making such a weird game!

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