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Hey! Thank you for Frontpage Tom! <3

Over the next several weeks, were going to open up the mailbag and answer frequently asked questions that I get in the Spirit Science inbox. Granted, there's a lot of questions, and I can't be expected to answer all of them. I do want to tackle the big ones though, so that is what i strive to do over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned to Spirit Science in the next few weeks, there's a lot happening and we have lots to talk about!

If you want to ask us a question for the mailbag, post them on Tumblr! (see below)

Peace everyone!

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i guess it is educational but... it's very hard to concentrate, try better at entertaining the viewer

aren't you the same guy who animated Teals intro?
anyway, i enjoyed that.

The message is pure. Newgrounds was definitely not the best site to place this on, but it was accepted by same-minded guys.Ppl are ignorant to their own happiness, limiting themselves to what they can do.as if a job is the only way to go. your on newgrounds guys, a place to be creative, open minded, and share.I believe in science, and I'm a spiritual guy.but i dont believe everyone needs to work for the happiness of the human species as a whole, maybe for themselves, or a family, or just the sake of the earth.
4 stars- for above average animations and lack of complete effort. next time, animate rather then use photos.

I keep hearing people say this sort of thing encourages psuedoscience. I don't know, maybe the only reason I don't feel that way is because my mom is really spiritual. The video itself is very well done, showing all these wonderful images. You just come across as a person who wants to spread good. I can imagine Penn and Teller criticizing this philosophy in some way. What matters is that you have a lot of good morals set out.

You're telling us how we shouldn't rely on money for one thing. The notion that our life's meaning is something that we make ourselves is a great philosophy. I think even non-religious people can believe in that. It was also nice how everything in the video was presented in a clear manner. You even tell us we don't have to believe you.

"The world is full of bad news, media companies are lying to you, but I know the truth!" You are such a complete phony. You don't even make logical points, you just restate things over and over and say how it is part of something you never define. Get a real job and stop trying to sling this garbage. The world has enough stupid in it already/

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RiverJordan responds:

It's not something i can show you, you have to show yourself. I can only show you the doorway

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