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SS Mail - Meaning

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Author Comments

Hey! Thank you for Frontpage Tom! <3

Over the next several weeks, were going to open up the mailbag and answer frequently asked questions that I get in the Spirit Science inbox. Granted, there's a lot of questions, and I can't be expected to answer all of them. I do want to tackle the big ones though, so that is what i strive to do over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned to Spirit Science in the next few weeks, there's a lot happening and we have lots to talk about!

If you want to ask us a question for the mailbag, post them on Tumblr! (see below)

Peace everyone!

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Im a bit confused. Is this meant to be serious or funny?

Finallly back to the basics. But I think I got something wrong, or are you seriously saying everybody sould blank out the bad things happening in the world and fokus on what is good for ourself and mankind? I think we should better be informed about every big thing. Bad things are part of creation, conflict is something creative. We sould not turn or eyes away, for example from the war in syria (like in your movie). These people fight to create something better, and don't just sit and love and share and agonize the injusitce/terrorism (I'm not taking any side). Thats not fruitful in all cases and will cause a lot of suffering, but at least not as selfish as trying to avoid every conflict for the sake of personal peace.

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To love is really really REALLY HARD.'

And the term 'love' is subjective among species and cultures. But...I suppose the effort in itself makes to strive for it very worth it.

But could you love evil men? After all, hate the sin, not the sinner. But what if a man or woman was truly cruel and would not accept a shared consensus of your opinion of peace?

Is conflict just our way of life?

Or is there even any conflicting ideas when dealing with love?

Do we still kill dangerous people to protect the meek people?

Or can we devise some kinda magic where weapons will not kill but merely disable a person and maybe send them to a paradise planet where they can just...relax it out.

Sometimes I wish I was magic. But then again, the extent magic can do is purely by the vast imagination of the mind and heart, both cruel and caring thoughts.

wtf is this, i dont even

I enjoyed this so much. I showed all my friends.
Your advice is Golden.

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Jul 30, 2012
10:40 AM EDT