Lion's tooth

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Move with the mouse.
Adjust quality with q.
Turn the volume up or use headphones for a better experience.


I really enjoyed this game. Some ideas, 1. Maybe make it longer 2. Maybe add some more dandelions to collect? Overall a very good game. You should be proud of yourself! :)

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FrazzleTime responds:

Thanks for the ideas! I could make it longer by adding more songs and different landscapes to traverse. Adding more types of dandelions could be a neat feature to do as well! But at the moment this was more of a tryout but thanks for your feedback :)

I think this game greatly plays with your expectations!
For the first seconds -starting the game- I thought to myself "Oh no! Really? Collecting dandelionseeds? No obstacles, not even challenging patterns? This absolutely sucks! Even for a first programmed game this sucks!"

But then all this weird sh*t happens and corresponds so well fitted to the fantastic music. It get's challenging and you form an "emotinal bond" with your seeds. You really want them to get through all this madness.

Great game - through all the same idea-less puzzle-shooter-catapult-stuff here, this surprised old me.
But it needed a little bit better graphics and something you could call physics.

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FrazzleTime responds:

Thank you for your elaborate feedback. I really aprreciate it and I am glad you thought that this game was a bit different from the usual stuff. And yea graphics definitely have room for improvement.

Absolutely beautiful game. beautiful music, and wonderful gameplay!

FrazzleTime responds:

Thanks a lot!

original.. creative good and simple graphic element !! so 3.5 !

FrazzleTime responds:

thank you!

very creative good job

FrazzleTime responds:

thanks a bunch!

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3.43 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2012
8:45 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid