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Author Comments

Warp your Tri with the mouse. Lean back to go slow like parachute, push forward to go fast like Lamborghini. Don't worry, you'll get it. Oh, and click to charge up.

The walls are made of lasers or something, don't touch them.

The WICKED-ASS MUSIC is by brybeats, and is available on iTunes. Get the link in-game, or go to www.bry.mu

Made by krangGAMES and Darryl Spratt. Enjoy <3


I was really quite impressed by this game. While it didn't have a lot going on, at least it managed to be pretty cool by having all these great lights and effects. I had no idea that I could myself control the speed of my ship. It was really about how far you were willing to go with it. It's great to see what different places you go to. You can never become prideful with this stuff.

It's just nice to see that stuff being blurred past the screen. The music is also fairly funky. It's just cool to be able to go past everything so quickly in such flashy lights. It's great when a game works well in its simplicity. This should have a much higher rating.

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krangGAMES responds:

Cheers dude, the main emotion of this game is to feel like it's a crazy techno experience, glad to hear that you felt that way. Sort of like sensory overload.

The music is the best thing about this game,I want to like it because it seems fun and different but it just doesn't work for me.
Walls are to close to your "Tri" I suppose is the name,and they aren't even filled in all the way,maybe it's supposed to be like that I don't know.
It's fun and all but I don't think it's for me.

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krangGAMES responds:

Thanks man, solid review and criticism. Thanks for playing anyhow :)

The music, the beat, the colors, my brain has melted into a pool of techno fueled amazment. Its an amazing game, and the simplicity lets you get lost within the music.

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krangGAMES responds:

You know, if there's any one reason why I became a game designer, it was to melt brains.

Soundtrack was great and fit the art design well. But game play was definitely lacking. Like Omar said, maybe an upgrade system or some baddies? But in it's current form I can definitely see the appeal for a few minutes but nothing lasting.

the colors :D the music :D realy good job ;)

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Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2012
5:53 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid