Don't Look Back- ARGOMS

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Discovering Yourself 5 Points

Mouseover your character.

For Urist! 10 Points

Avenge the poor dwarf, mercilessly ambushed one cloudy night.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Now with achievements!

A short adventure game following some guy on his quest to get through some cave for some reason.

This is more or less my first complete game made with stencyl, enjoy!

Made for the newgrounds 2012 stencyl game jam.

Music: devinpolaski.com "battle of the bits" "watermelons don't grow in caves" "the seventh day" "ma$k3rade"

Update (July 31st):
Over the past few days, there've been quite a lot of bugfixes/rebalances. If you got stuck on day one, why not come back and see how you do?
-Late game enemy damage drastically reduced
-Music fixed
-Curse fixed
-Invisible item fix (not a bug, but meh)
-Boss speed reduced
-Inventory glitches fixed
-Tutorial made slightly clearer
-Bottom line color changed


Really fun game, I love the combination of the rythmn-style game and adventure game. Could really do with save points though :P (Ok, just got to the end and realised the game's not super long so no real need for save points XD)

Also, on a random not, the ??? sword can be dropped but you still keep it equipped and so can end up with 2 of them!

Argoms responds:

You can make as many extras as you want, but you can't get rid of your original :)

i can't atack so i died on first enemy

Argoms responds:

Did you read the instructions? They're kinda right there when you start the game.

Not bad. The graphics are simplistic, but I think that works for this type of game. The game is fun, if a little hard. I think the biggest problem that adds to the difficulty is just the button layout. I think you should have either used the arrow keys, or the 10 key pad, because it would have made the game more comfortable to play, by allowing players to use both hands in instead of fumbling from one configuration to another with one hand.

I also think the game could have been expanded upon, with a jump ability, and a bigger world to explore, with different paths to take. Maybe for the next one in the series...

Argoms responds:

Yeah, this was whipped up in around a week (finally gets inspiration! Competition ending in 3...2...1...)

I picked a layout that I'm extremely used to (and friends from various places that I asked to try). I guess next time I'll have more people give feedback and configurable controls.

I think the main fault with this game is that it doesn't have a lot of detail put into it. I do have to give you credit for having a pretty original idea. I guess it doesn't work that well because it doesn't seem to treat the player well. I do appreciate the fine little details, again. I think there might be a glitch because it seems to go too fast for me. At least the gameplay is fairly straight through.

I think we on this website are just more used to detailed games, which is probably why the rating isn't that high. The music made me think it would be like "Super Mario Bros" at first! I guess I was disappointed by how it wasn't. It has some good ideas, it's just not done that well. At least you managed to get medals with this.

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Argoms responds:

Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I actually spent three months thinking of concepts and barely had a week to actually make this. Wasn't expecting a very good rating, I just wanted to get something made really. I might revisit this idea again, and make a more complex game out of it in the future.

This game was tested at 60fps. Newgrounds runs it at max 40 fps(seems to be capped), and my friends can play it normally at that, the problem might be with your computer?

Got to the bandit cheif did all combinations perfect and got destroyed......great game....not

Argoms responds:


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Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2012
10:43 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG