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For Someone... (beta)

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*** WARNING: moderate/hard game ***

Controls: left/right arrows to move ; space bar to jump

For Someone... is about a monster trying to climb a tower. For what reason, and for who, we do not yet know.

This is still a work in progress, I still do some more polishing and need to make the ending. Thanks for playing ~ Nobo13

A special thanks to Atman Seijo for providing some songs for me. Please check out his website.

*** UPDATES *** (Be sure to empty the cache or cookies)
*I've put some music in. (I'm not a musical person...)
*Got rid of the momentum.
*Edited the last stage a bit. (Cut it up and spread it out.)

Thank you for everyone for gave feedback. I really appreciate it as this is my first game ~ Nobo13


Run of the mill platformer, the diaries are a nice addition , although the controls feels like I'm directing something with roller-skates on rather than functioning legs, movement's slidey, music as you mentioned would also be a great touch on the game.

Fun game. Some lag after you would land a jump but a great game overall.

Only so low for not being finished. That last level was a pain. Would like to see an ending, though. And sounds. (I'm sure you're planning on it).

Keep it up!

The hard part isn't the puzzles them selves... it is the jumping, and it seems ridiculous that the monster cant control how high he (or she... but come on) can jump. A thing that I would think that would make the game better would be to have the puzzles easier but to make some sort of guards to the tower as maybe moving obstacles or as a time limit per level with the guards chasing the monster, so it seems like the monster is invading the tower instead of just exploring a seemingly abandoned tower. That is just me. I didn't get extremely far in the game but I just got fed up with the controls. If the game gets fixed and some touch ups I think it could be a good game. I do like the artwork and the lack of introduction to obstacles and goals made it seem like the monster is just curiously investigating which I also like, or maybe not depending on what the ending is, so I plead you to make this game better.

This game is so addicting! I can't stop playing it!

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Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2012
6:00 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other