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Shadow's death

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Jul 28, 2012 | 12:22 PM EDT

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Sonic and shadow battle epicly then the results lead to........death. Watch this epic battle and veiw it with a open mind please. It is ment to be all out crazy intense fighting.
I also did not make a play menu yet but my next one will.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

so sad... but cool fighting... I made me think about life..


Rated 2 / 5 stars

So shadow Kills sonic and tails so he can be gay lovers with umm... Sonic?! I guess that was supposed to be knuckles instead. I really liked the fighting but what on earth was up with that one scene where shadow pulled out an emerald and sonic transformed into shadow? The best part was that flashback about why they were fighting. The shaking, the weird black aura over sonic. When Shadow made it seem like the fight wasn't worth it but then pulls a 180 and goes oh yeah I killed your friends mothersnuka! You say shadow died but I didn't see it. I'm guessing sonic shot his fist through shadow's stomach. Fighting good, story awkwardly a mess, and sad music plus fighting equals wtf.


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Your flash style is not bad, and you did a good choice on the environment selection... But to be fair, I have seen superior flash movies. I am proud of your ability as a film maker though, to use basic mechanics to the fullest to get more out of the video
I'll assume your lack of sound effects and voicing is because your just learning the basics and have not met a team to enhance your videos.... For the future though, most people on Newgrounds are going to ignore flash videos of simple fighting such as this, learning to create and manipulate flashes at a higher level will be key to more successful videos.
If I was in a bad mood, I personally would have blammed this, just because I get so bored of seeing pix-elated videos being made of the same old scenarios fan boys and fan girls create the same Mario, Sonic, and Zelda FMV's done at low qualities to either troll or express their emotions that they personally feel about the series...
(If you didn't have good music, interesting pictures, or an intersting background, I honestly would have blammed this, as I feel newgrounds gets over run with spam like this... I understand tests, but I feel the individual should take it off when they come out with future works that are better, especially your DBZ videos.)
I bet if you keep working on your skills, you could be better... Also, your video's sound loops over as for each play through.... So, I'm probably just going to give you a 3 and a 2.5 in hopes you will continue to make better videos. Also, keep your word on a menu or title slide to actually replay the video, as it is basic showmanship. Interesting picture at the end as well.
And as for the song, you probably could have chosen better, due to the fact shadow and sonic are not actually brothers (Honestly, if you wanna get technical... Sonic is more of a brothers to tails, and I hate the idea of tossing character roles just to get the P2 to play as a hedgehog as well, especially since tails deserves it more than shadow, but this is more nitpicking. :P) Plus... too mainstream. As adesigner, go for stuff people wouldn't expect. Imagine if you had chosen a video less empathetic to the teenage life... I feel older fans would appreciate your work and actually critique or try to help you. If you honestly want to design flash videos like this, Be more creative with your ideas, and do things unexpected with the material you decide to work with.

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Please make a series out of this