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Hope You Understand.
The song is as i look into the black by blazingdragon
Update: I know it short. But I cried so hard after I heard the music so I had to make a video

I know this video sucks balls. Please blame it and make it fuck to hell. this video sucks And I know


This goes against everything concerning integrity that I believe in, but I am going to give this a five anyway, just to make sure it doesn't get blamed.

Heads up, kids.

(Don't look too forward to meeting your passed loved ones though, they want to meet you again as late as possible up there)

xXSuperSandWaylleXx responds:

lmao! Thanks dude. But Vote 0 if you want to. Im not gonna decide anything! then agin vote the number you feel to


xXSuperSandWaylleXx responds:

? what

I know this is supposed to be sentimental and all, but I just don't like this. My faith disagrees in what you speak of. If you don't believe in God, you won't see her again, and if she didn't then she is suffering. It's simple as that, reality is hard and cruel, but you'll get over it.

The music was nice, but the "flash" was boring! There was no color, no pictures, nothing. It would've been better to have a peaceful picture (your drawings, not a photo grabbed from google) at one side and have the words scrolling on the other side. For example, a tree with falling leaves, next to a peaceful stream. The leaves slowly fall as the text scrolls. Maybe have several pictures as the flash proceeds. Start with a flower, and have it bloom. Then go to the beach and have waves. Then go to the tree with the leaves falling. Have the text be a nice, gentle, but easy to read font. Anything too complex may make it hard to read.

Also, be aware if your spelling. You wanna know what happens when you submit poorly spelled text? People read it just like this: (remove space)

http://www.newgroun ds.com/portal/view/558516

Hope that helps. :)

xXSuperSandWaylleXx responds:

As I said. Short movie. Just to show my feelings

No. Why do we need to know something you adressed at the one person of all 2m users? The actual quality is mediocre, but still...

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Jul 28, 2012
11:50 AM EDT