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PANTS - An'B Episode 01

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Author Comments

I'm sure this has happened to all of us at some point.


Music by:
Freeplaymusic.com - "World Beyond Your Nose"


Another solid piece of comedic... Semi-Precious metal of some variety, close to, but not quite gold. Pardon me while I nitpick: Video was a little blurry, I'll assume that was compression most likely. Not particularly versed on your methods or equipment beyond your use of Toon Boom, so I may not be qualified to help you fix that one. I'm going to get on the sound quality again. It isn't poor, but some improvement could really make your voice acting shine. The joke was amusing, but came a little close to losing its charm when it became nothing more than a recurring gag. A central theme is good, but I miss the variation and surprise you brought to the table with your FAQ. In summation, there's room for improvement and more than enough talent to make it. I'm pleased to announce that you've helped me murder a few more minutes of my life with laughter!

I'm not sure if it's happened to me, to be perfectly honest, but that may be the side effect of all these needles I keep finding in my neck...

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CamoRalph responds:

Yeah, unfortunately I've lost about a quarter of the original animation, so working with an exported swf was now out of the question. This was the result of bringing a mov into flash and then re-exporting. I tried to keep the settings as high as I could, but sadly it didn't work as well as I'd hoped. Ah well, twas' a good learning curve.

I do agree this short tends to fall a little flat on the punch line. That's one thing I'm trying my best to get better at with each short - making sure that it's punchy and well paced. You'd be surprised how often I look back on projects a month after finishing them and spot a bajillion mistakes and holes, thinking "christ, I made that?!" - but it's all good, tis the joy of growing as an artist... making mistakes is super gay, I mean good.

Thanks for taking the time to give a solid review and for the kudos! I really appreciate it mate.


great video i commented on your other video called faqs and you sir are amzaingly funny

CamoRalph responds:

hah! thanks for watching more of my crap good sir! These two vids are actually getting on a bit now. Every short I make tends to be a learning curve, mainly with timing, pacing etc. I'm enjoying the ride though :)

it is so stupid I like it.

CamoRalph responds:

hah! I know. It was probably one of the first scripts I wrote with these characters... can only get better I guess.

Thanks for watching man!

That was so funny, I like it.

CamoRalph responds:

Thanks kindly! Glad you enjoyed :)

Good work, another great animation, and congratulations on discovering the magic of the replay button! There are, however, a couple of nitpicks (which cost you my fifth star, shame on you) that I'm compelled to point out.
First, the animation appears to be somewhat blurry, which could be due to some compression issue or the fact that it's in MOV format. Second, there only appears to be the one joke, repeated throughout the movie; I would have liked to see some more variety.
Overall, though, this is a good movie worthy of a couple of chuckles. Again, good work.

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CamoRalph responds:

n0o0o0o0o! I worked so damn hard for that 5th star, you freakin' tease!
Yeah, unfortunately I opened up this old project to export as swf, etc like I did with FAQ and the first quarter of the animation was gone... I mean vanished, caput... and not just in one incriment, in ALL of them. It's the weirdest thing, but yeah that meant I could only work with the MOV. I thought about not uploading but to be honest this is one of my stronger shorts so I felt it's best to give it a go.

I agree that this one may not have as much payoff as it could either. I showed it to a mate and he had a similar reaction - "he just keeps sedating him and stealing clothes... where's the payoff?" - I was forced to kill and eat him for the comment, but I couldn't help but feel he was onto something. But seriously, I do agree for the first ep in this series it's a little one-note.

Thanks for the feedback mate!

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Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2012
4:20 AM EDT
Comedy - Original