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The Lego Knight Rises

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Ok, first thing's first, the man hours. Originally this wasn't suppose to take longer than it did, with it first being just a week project, turned into a little over two weeks. This was a group effort, so that helped keep time and consistency.

Now, for programs. First and foremost, the one that aided me the most, would be Adobe After Effects CS3. All the green screen, 3d backgrounds, and special effects such as muzzle flares and explosions, where thanks to After Effects. Now, the program I used to (mostly) to stable the video was VirtualDub. I tried to stabilize the clips in After Effects, but because of it's, how we say, plastic substance to the video, the results weren't so good. Now, for editing, I used Sony Vegas Pro 8. I plan on getting a more recent version of the software due to it crashing multiple times during rendering, but it was all I have.

Yes, Bane's head was custom made, and so was his clothing and jacket.

Watch it on youtube as well


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they do YellowisCOOL

Very nice! Lego SHOULD make a Lego Bane character though :D

I think this is better then actual movie XD

This is really good! But, just imo, you should try to get a recent version of AE :p

this was....... pretty fucking great man. good work. hope to see more.