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I made another Reddit cartoon. I actually enjoyed making the last one, and because people wanted another, I decided to make everyone happy and make one more.

I want to do something more original and serious for my next project, so It may be a while.

I tried to keep more correct proportions with this one, so criticism is welcome c:

Thanks :)


I'm glad I don't know what reddit is, for I HATE ATHIESTS!

. . . Animation was good, but the Subject, and Dialog. . . Not so much.

It's okay, the point was... decently... conveyed. The graphics are severely lacking, they failed to make any of the comedy more potent. Having people instead of white blobs or less of the generic "NG Parody Face" would have made the cartoon a little more entertaining. It really just wasn't funny, it didn't stand out at all. I feel like I've seen it a million times before. The writing wasn't really so hot either, jumping on the "I'm an atheist but all other atheists are assholes because MEMES." bandwagon too I see. People make fun of each other, get over it. Christians think we're stupid, we think they're stupid, OH NO, REDDIT MEMES! You're right, tackling something more original would be a good idea, don't just open flash and ride every hipster wave that comes by.

funny but offensive

Wow that was a provocative show. You guys, don't think too hard use ur logic-based brain because dat thing won't ever catch the measurement of God's might. Just feel that being with ur heart while looking at the sky, do you see the end of this universe? Even those genius scientists haven't observed it, how puny. God does exist on that estimated universe; a place which can't be reached by logic.

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Jul 27, 2012
8:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Original