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I made another Reddit cartoon. I actually enjoyed making the last one, and because people wanted another, I decided to make everyone happy and make one more.

I want to do something more original and serious for my next project, so It may be a while.

I tried to keep more correct proportions with this one, so criticism is welcome c:

Thanks :)


Kawaii, what.. what have you done.

Looks like a rushed work using a classic theme that grabs attention.
I think you have the talent for more than this now prove me I'm right.

this is so true. i'm an atheist myself and i can't withstand these pretentious pricks on the internet who disrespect everybody. if they really were intelligent, they would know that genetics(basis of evolutionism) was actually founded by a CATHOLIC MONK named Gregor Mendel. these retarded juvenile assholes will believe every bs that is told on tv, they watch george carlin stand-ups about god and theamazingatheist vlogs and think they are the most intelligent mofos of the world. i wish i could kill them all with fire. srsly, fuck you theamazingatheist, you're a dumb fat bastard and shouldn't get any money for yapping nonsense on youtube.

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It was funny, I'm religious and that is hilarious, it's so true how people (not only atheists) can be so selfish, the difference in between a good person and an idiot is that the good person will let other people have their own opinion, regardless of his own, sure it can be debated, but respect should always come behind. While idiots shove their close minds into you, trying to make you think that what you believe in is stupid, and retarded, frankly, I do not care nor do I judge people regarding their religions, as long as they aren't dicks about it

Love it. Course I believe in god so that may be a factor.

It appears to "sound" obsessive to atheists. Really it's just obsessive to "stupid" atheists; total difference. Regardless of the percentage of who's culture is smarter, or how people reason with the world. People should be judge more for there actions rather than beliefs or arguments.

Amazing what happens when people feel too good about their own beliefs huh? Like the guy in the flash. Who doesn't want to share it with the world!.....aggressively ;)

One star and a half off, the joke was good, but didn't make me want to tear up or hurt my gut.

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4.07 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2012
8:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Original