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Meet The Great Deku Tree

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Author Comments

I got bored. Yes, that's my excuse this time. Also, I wanted to practice my lip-syncing skills. And yes that is my voice.

MAN!! That was a pain!! The first half of what he says goes at a strange speed compared to the frames and took far longer than I would have liked to finally get the mouth matching the sound. Guh. Oh well. Well worth it I think.

Turned out pretty good, all things considering. I'd say it took me aboouuuuut..... 2 hours to do.

Sprite copyright Nintendo.
Benny Hill Song copyright to whoever owns it. It's not me, that's for sure!

Done using Audacity, MSPaint to separate the sprites, and Adobe Flash CS3 Pro.

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Best thing I've ever seen! This is my kind of thing! Stay crazy my friend...

Creator-Sama responds:

Thanks! So glad you like it! 3 pages of reviews in less than 24 hours?! I feel like going and animating the FUCK out of something!!!! *dives into a pile of old flashes to find something to do*

That's my goal!! Wait.... "Stay crazy"....hmm..... I like it! *steals*


Ok, I'm at a loss for words for this one. This one's that odd mix of not bad but not good, but not enough to be average. This seems like it's at about a 2-star performance, so I'll give it just that.

Hopefully, your skills will improve, and I'll be waiting to see what you release next.

Creator-Sama responds:

This was made for exactly that purpose: improving skills!! ......and killing a 2 hour block of boredom.

If you like it, I've got about a dozen-and-a-half more flash files on my laptop that need to be finished. I love getting reviews. Knowing that people are interested in what I do gives me the motivation I need to get off my lazy tucus and work on stuff!

Reviews = love! And everyone loves to be loved!! *shot for doing the "review begging" that newbies are known for* x_x

Not exactly what I was expecting, but it's good practice for lip synching....and at least you didn't make Oney faces. u_u ;;; Keep practicing. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

Creator-Sama responds:

Oney faces? What's that?

Yeah. "Not what I was expecting" is my favorite way of doing things. I love random insanity. This is nothing compared to the ideas I have for other things that I'm not good enough to animate yet.

But that's what this was for!! Practice!! :D

Dafuq did I just play? 2 stars just because it made me laugh.

Creator-Sama responds:

lol my brother says that all the time.

Stars! Yay! *throws into a bucket labelled "stars" to shred and use as confetti for the day I eventually get on the front page*

I'm glad you liked it! I get bored easily sometimes. And as proof of that, I made this instead of working on the other dozen-and-a-half flash projects on my hard drive. I love you procrastination. :3

the design is decent, but doesn't have content, didn't understood the joke

Creator-Sama responds:

Thanks for the input! *files away for future use*

Joke? Hmm... There really isn't one. It's just something random I recorded awhile ago and decided, in my usual random fashion, to animate. Random is the joke, I guess. At the very least, it's an entertaining way to kill two minutes!