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Charlie Buchanan - Ep.1

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Charlie Buchanan - Episode 1: Sammich
Charlie wakes up in a strange place with a hypodermic needle plunged into his forehead.

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I think if this would have been just a tad bit longer, maybe even bled into Ep. 2, it would have been a 10/10. The shortness of the feature killed it for me, but the animation was great! Solid 8/10!

For a first episode to a planned series the idea is to get everyone to know what your character is about. This is demonstrated well here and gives a good example of what Charlie is like, though I did not find the plot particularly engaging. It just didn't seem to go anywhere and some of the jokes weren't that funny.

On the positive side the graphics are nice and the character has a fun design. There is potential in this series if you are planning to keep at it - the graphics and animation are spot on. I just think it needs some more refinements in the story department first and foremost.

This was pretty funny. I thought when he was complaining about the sandwich, and what happened afterwards was very well timed. I wasn't expecting that and caught me off gaurd.

Eh, only watched because we share the same last name. It was okay, could use more sound I feel.

It's like it has those faux-intense moments but they could be better with adding some music or sfx

thats some pretty good animation =p now.... whens the next one =D!?!?!?

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3.52 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2012
11:37 AM EDT
Comedy - Original