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Ash permeate the air, bodies everywhere, are you the last?

-boss glitch fixed
-"Dick Move" Removed
-Known Glitches Fixed
-Sound Issues fixed
-music added, courtesy of WrathGames Studio(thanks guys)
-W or Space key can now be used to jump


Not bad. That cave section was annoying.

Would've been a more enjoyable game with some music and a better control scheme. It was very difficult to move and shoot or combine all three (Move, Jump, Shoot). This problem becomes very apparent during the boss fight. Other than that, nice game you've got here.

Some interesting stuff here, but there's a lot of ways the game doesn't make sense. Why can't you angle shots a bit to hit enemies that aren't on a line with you? Why don't you tell us that we can kill things by jumping on them? What does all the stuff on the Escape screen mean?

The controls are awkward too - why couldn't you just make W be jump, or even had remappable keys?

Finally, that one bit of armor you miss if you don't react fast enough while falling - that was a jerk move.

I got to the boss that was a zombie with blood dripped on it that turned into some kind of bladed muscle beast, then didn't feel like fighting with the controls anymore.

I like the idea, but the controls are WAY too sticky. Makes the game unplayable.

Fun game, but the controls are not very comfortable to use, would be nice if the user could customize the keys.

Also there's a game breaking bug at the part with the mage overlooking a pit with a zombie in it: I used the elevated hill to jump high and went to the left, expecting the open hillside to be some secret or whatnot, but instead ended up apparently falling off the screen and being stuck there, only able to walk left and right with my character hidden from my view.

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3.21 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2012
10:12 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other