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Ash permeate the air, bodies everywhere, are you the last?

-boss glitch fixed
-"Dick Move" Removed
-Known Glitches Fixed
-Sound Issues fixed
-music added, courtesy of WrathGames Studio(thanks guys)
-W or Space key can now be used to jump


I see that you are working on fixing glitches and bug so I wont bitch about anything. Great Idea for a game, and thank you for making this. Just two quick notes for you, the boss battle froze right as the large mound of treasure was popping up, and some background music would help with the semi tedious spots such as the caves. Still a great game though, look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

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Would love to play more of it, but the controls are just too erratic/twitchy on my system - trying to negotiate the jumps in the underground cavern is just too frustrating to put up with it farther. I don't think it is a lag issue as much as the reverse (I have a rather robust system).

really liked the game. disliked that after I hit escape it looked like i'd be able to upgrade my character and change my weapons but never found out how. I don't think i ever found full armor either. besides those two things i thought for a platform game it was pretty cool.

its actually pretty good. but why can i not change the quality?
add a low quality version please D:

Ozz04 responds:

The game uses bitmap graphics, not vector so quality lower buttons would do literally nothing to help with performance issues. That said the next installment will have smother game play to composite for slower connection speed(most of the mentioned control bugs don't spear in offline tests at all). I've been rewriting the behaviors since the first comment about sticky controls and while I can't add customizable controls and until a way is found to do it without loss of stability in a Stencyl game reassured I am taken all suggestion in to account.

I can't get past the first jump....

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3.21 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2012
10:12 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other