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When will Akihiro ever leave Buzz and Momoe alone? Maybe he just needs to tango with someone his own size? Eat Sushi, get bigger, and bounce other wrestlers out of the ring on your way to greatness, and defeat Akihiro, once and for all.

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i actually enjoyed the idea of the gameplay, but there just wasn't much to it, sound effects would be nice, maybe some spark effects or something to increase the feeling that what you're doing is slinging two large masses together. also, the game play ended up feeling pretty shallow as each match was pretty much the same, as it is right now it seems that theres only one strategy to it, which is really limiting. also, having the same repeating song throughout the game just doesn't work well for this game.

Really awesome job with the game - the only real problem is that it REALLY isn't a story, its just borderline sumo wrestling the whole time, you don't HAVE to beat everyone to get the end, all you have to do is just go to the end, but you really have no chance against him without the money, so that covers it up really, another thing is that some of the potions you buy from the store are kind of rip-offs because 300 coins for a potion that makes your enemies "freeze" actually just makes them slip BARELY off the edge. Borderline great game, has major potential, just minor problems.

You really just have to let them past you then when they are at the edge, you push them out of the circle!

i like the concept of this game, music to monotonos... the grafis are decent

This game is oddly entertaining, but it's a bit annoying to play since it's so difficult.

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3.30 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2012
5:03 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS