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Smoking Kills

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6 billion people die each year of merwanna.

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Well I guess I could say he was high on life lol, no but really this was a nice little short here I think adding some subtitles onto this would be a plus on things as this was pretty good visually and even the voice work was nice but some subtitles would be nice anyways nice film.

some added subtitles would be cool


So it's that kind of smoking too! When you hear smoking, you know, this isn't the type of smoking you think about... love the twist though. And the saturated brown/gray style. Pretty good.



it"s funny but you do look like a dumb shit writing that cigarets kill more than weed

hav u done no research at all the death rates of marijuana is very minimal less then 100 a year not 6billion a year and if it was 6billion a year that means every person in the world would hav to smoke it so dont u dare say something is unhealthy and kills people without looking it up first. i hope everyone reads this comment instead of yours so they dont get missinformed.