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The Impossible Game 2

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Just a short project I've been working on. See if you can beat it.

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It starts off way too hard!


At first I thought this was a sequel to the original game, but no, I was wrong, it was a terrible parody.
First of all, the hitbox is terrible. I sometimes do not even hit the spikes and I die anyways, or, the other way around, I can survive very often by jumping DIRECTLY on the spike.
Second of all, the reaction time. The spikes apear out of nowhere and you have less then 1 second time to react. Best way to solve this is jumping over the very first spike and holding down the button (you will get EXTREMELY far!).
And the last thing is the look. The original had slightly better graphics and a better framerate. And also, it is a bad idea to put the square in the center, I would rather put it in the middle.
Well, that was it. When I first started it, it did not seem to bad. But after reading the comments and playing it longer I realised how bad it actually was...

This game sucks. The music is dumb. You have to predict the jump before it appears on screen or you die. I give 1 star for atleast trying.

Fun game, I made it way too far just holding space.