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Inside lies a Robotic Heart 25 Points

Earn the 'Bad' Ending

Master Climber 25 Points

Meet the Awesome

R.O.Bbit 25 Points

I once was a rabbit, and I hopped in the face of danger

Sludge 25 Points

Defeat the Grand Slime Beetle

Bloody Peaces 50 Points

Earn the 'Good' Ending

The Goddamn Batman 50 Points

Meet Batman

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

You are a Human, trapped within a Robot's Body. What became of your old life, you do not remember. Only one thought now fuels your body, escape.

Hint for wall-jumping: Don't move while about to jump, only move while in mid-air.

Hint for no-grav: You can only jump if you are touching the ground when activating the Armour.

Hint for final level: Remember, while invincible, enemies can be platforms.

Hint for R.O.Bbit: An abundance.

Hint for Batman: Look for things that don't belong, they might not be there at all.

The Secret medal is obvious, just keep your eyes peeled.

Armour Guide:

Green Boots = Double-Jump
Red Boots = No-Gravity
Blue Boots = Speed
Grey Boots = Reset (i.e no armour)
Yellow Boots = Wall-Jump
Purple Suit = Invincibility

Edit: Actual version uploaded now, sorry about that.

Submitted for Stencyl Jam 2012


It was fun until level 7. About 70 tries of that was where I gave up. You have to get extremely lucky to live through that part, the passage is so narrow, and you move through it at an angle, from a dead halt. I don't see how it is possible.

I guess that's why only 1% of the people who have played this game have finished it :).

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A fun game you have here

You dont expect to see stuff like this everyday, and i was kind of blown away with your style it is unique and different, I like what you have done here on this type and kind of game. keep doing what you do with much success. Now this is a fun game, and the graphics were pretty good, it was interesting, some areas could be fixed up, the "CONTROLS" especially could be much better you should use the "W" to jump it would make sense, and easier on the gameplay also the "ARROW" keyes would be nice if active. but anyways you have agood game here just needs some small adjustments mainly the controlls as mentioned. Overall it's a nice piece that could really be cool with some extra content and feeling put behind it. Simple things like I suggested can make This piece into something even more Keep on working in your spare time and I'll be interested in what you come up with.

It's obvious you know what you're doing and you can make great games, But i think there could be some things suggested in helping to improve on this one, it was good but wouldnt mind seeing some adjustments for some better improvments. Fun game you have, the controlls could use some more work like, more options for controls especially using other keys and making "JUMP" more acceble on the keyboard.

I agree with the comments below me. Maybe make there be several options for controls? I barely use my left hand for anything, so the controls felt very very wrong.

Interesting concept with the different types of armor, but the game becomes a chore very quickly.

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A choice of arrow keys as well as WASD would make the game less frustration for those who never use WASD for gaming.

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Credits & Info

2.54 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2012
5:43 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other