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Hey guys! Today I share with you a hidden jewel (how pretentious!) that you might wanna see! It's the storyboard for the long awaited (really?) sequel to the Freak series.

Sadly I'm sharing this because of one fact: we will never continue this series. There are 2 main reasons for this. 1) The universe on which it's based on is obviously copyrighted material and I'm not willing to build my stuff on those shaky grounds, I prefer owning everything I do. 2) We're focused on making games now.

So I hope you'll appreciate this raw material from a future that will never happen. Thanks to all the fans!



Better late than never.

I didn't expect you to post what was left of this, and how did you manage to import those models into flash? Plus, I see where you're coming from on the whole derivative work thing in spite of this being an underused subject.

Graphics: I really like the whole Flash 3D look that this series--along with Gunchest, CI: Unregulated, Evangelion: CGD, and Starlight Odyssey--had over the kind that's commonly seen. However, seeing that this is an animatic, it had none 3D models aside from the intro. You may not be known for draftsmanship (Scenes were inconsistent in quality), but at least it had some bits of animation. Plus, there was some decent use of color. As for that intro, the animation looked reasonably well even though the models were probably done with Poser.
Sound: You did a good job on the music selection, and the sound effects were also done well.
Content: I have no problem with something like this as long as the movie is good. While this may be an animatic, the scenes were well-staged and the story was cohesive. I don't know if anyone has told you this, but you have the eye of a director. Did I mention that the pacing of this was great?

The Good:
-Good direction
-Decent 3D animation for the intro
-Nice colors
-Excellent music selection
-Underused subject

The Bad:
-Drawings were inconsistent in quality, but since your not the best draftsman; I won't take off points.
-Not much in terms of animation seeing that this is an animatic of sorts.
-People will accuse you of being a hypocrite considering that this is fan fiction.

Overall: Here's an eight for showing what you had planned. (4/5)

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Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks for the lengthy review :) I wish it would have been on the real thing but a storyboard is all it will ever be.

very good
its been a long time since ive seen a flash attempt a 3d form, even tho theres no voices

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Evil-Dog responds:

yah it's just a storyboard for a movie that will sadly never happened.

Not bad. Would have been great as a video like the first few seconds.

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Evil-Dog responds:

Yah man

ooooh nooo. I loved this when i first say this on newgrounds and was fearful that this might happen

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah it's a damn shame :)

Really nice, Evil-Dog. Loved the noir feel even if that was just a consequence of the storyboard format. Thanks for sharing.

Evil-Dog responds:

My pleasure, a shame it's not coming to life but oh well!

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