I am the Atom

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I am the atom. Atom of hydrogen. I want to be an iron, not a hydrogen, so I need to collect atom particles. Player can help me adjusting my way and releasing buttons at the right time. There will be 26 different and interesting levels in my journey, evil atoms and really difficult cases.


Is there a glitch in Level 26?

Could've been a lot better.

When I saw this game, so many ideas flooded my head with the endless potential atomic science has to offer in terms of gaming. So when I saw it amounted to a generic puzzle game, I was really disappointed.
The game looks nice, runs nicely, and seems very polished. I didn't catch one glitch while playing this game. The fact that there are multiple routes per mission in most cases is also a perk. That's about it though.
Once I got to Phosphorous, I was rather bored. There wasn't anything that dealt with physics or chemistry or anything really to do with an atom, it only served as a nice way to describe what you're doing.

This was a nicely made game but you could've made the game about anything, not just atoms. Oh well, maybe some other day.

pretty cool game, but gets to be a bit boring.

Fairly good game that requires thinking. However, it really doesn't give much information about atoms except for those fun trivia at the end of each level. A good puzzle game nonetheless.

not a bad game, but there are a few big spelling errors. also, i would prefer it, if you lose the round, to keep the path you already build instead of having to redo it. makes it easier to tweak your plan as apposed to rebuild every time. good foundation for a game, just needs some improvement to really shine.

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3.32 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2012
1:34 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other