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Protect your mining station by placing and combining the modules falling from the sky. Match three modules to create one higher level module.

Click on a module to show information.

Discover new abilities and modules as the game progresses, enhance them and use all opportunities to win.


Great game. Nice spin on familiar gameplay to create something new! Great artwork, and smooth code. There was definitely a jump in difficulty, but after adjusting my upgrades (AOE's to max, then specialize), I could overcome. So there's some strategy required! Awesome! Make More!

An intriguing game. I found that stacking a single type of block in a single colum worked best. That allowed me to beat every level up until 11 easily, even the 2 way levels which I used a Wall colum and heal column on each side.

I found that mines were not useful at all since the range was very short and they would glitch and stop firing most of the time. The range was a problem because to put them closer would put more useful towers out of range. The anti-air, laser and gauss blocks were easily the best, but there was no way that you will ever be able to craft level 5 blocks since the block generation is rather slow and you would need 3^5 modules of a single type to make a level 5 and unless you had only one type of block, that will never happen. One of the levels, I think 11, has 2 swarms that are very heavy very fast as the first 2 waves and you kind of have to drop blocks on them to keep from losing immediately which means you will almost certainly forfeit the star for losing less than 20 modules.

Aside from that, you need to make the play area larger. By the end of the game, everything was dying off screen and you start to run out of room upwards when you are getting close to a level 4 block.

This was a great game. Thanks for making it.

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i just made a stack of the same block and I finished the game.

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Love the game.
I've been playing this quite often.
Most of the time it's because i realy enjoy the in-game music i just wish i could find it and listen to it on my pc or even better on my mp3.

Great game. Like the music fits the game well. Love the gameplay think it will do well on mobile platform. Zooming would be a great addition. Later levels are hard but very rewarding.

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3.88 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2012
10:28 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense