Fairytale Annihilation

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Bust up fairytale land with loads of guns and soldiers as you fix your helicopter and escape before you're one of them!


i enjoyed this game but the game was so clustered with enemies that it would lag and i would find myself running left or right too long i couldn't stop and would run into the enemies. i don't think the amount of enemies was the problem but all the bits of enemies that took a minute to disappear. lose the bits or make them go away faster and i think the game should improve.
oh and that huge lollipop next to the helicopter blocks my vision of enemies and my character. please lose that too.

Its ok, but a some time ago i played a game like this but with zombies (dont know if your the same programer), i liked the game, but you should check the space betwen waves and change the number of enemies

I like that there are a few different styles you can use to achieve a win. I did not like finding out on my own WAY too late in the game that i could buy mercenaries (simple tutorials work well). I also didn't like the lag factor when you actually have enough money to wield two unloaders...its not fun because you can't control your character.

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Nice game! Overall a fun experience (at times I forgot completely about the heli and went just around killing stuff), although I think a little balancing is required. I felt that money collection feels a little too slow (especially at the beginning). I never felt the need to upgrade either health, aim or jump height, so maybe some enemies could make these upgrades more necessary earlier in the game.

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gets old fast. And you get cluster fucked before you can even get anything from the shops. I didn't even get to buy a gun soldier or even level up. Within the first minute I had about 50 enemies on the screen. No exaggeration.

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2.90 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2012
9:21 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight