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Mondi Adventure! Alfa

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This game is under working! I will update it!
And so one day, our hero decided to go on a journey, and then he come back he learns that his friends was stolen by the forces of evil. He decides to save his friends!
If you find bug! Tell me about it!
Known bugs:
Animation bug
1-2 lvl no music
What will be in Beta:
1) Bug fixes. (if you find tell!)
2) New music and hero ( i think about it)
3) More levels (done in beta)
4) Boss(done in beta)
5) Run faster mode (done in beta)
6) Menu (done in beta)
7) Mute button (done in beta)
8) I have a great idea about Multiplayer.
Where will be mode where you will work together. And other: who faster.
9) Pause
10) Game over screen
Maybe not everything will be in beta.
Beta out now. Search: Mondi adventure!Beta


When I ran into the skeleton guy, the game went back to the loading screen and wouldn't let me play again. Also, the screen isn't working right because the sentence is off the screen so I can not read it. Sorry mate. Maybe next time. I'll give you two stars for effort.

terrible simply terrible it's super laggy you die when u r not touched by a enemy and the ng default loading screen pops up after each level but the good parts of it is the main character is cute and when u r not moving he dances

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nikin777 responds:

Try new version! Mondi adventure! Beta

way too short and i mean incredibly short, the gameplay was poor its like a super mario rip off only much much worse, And when i die it doesnt even tell me i died just takes me right back to the menu, which sucks, and for the 15 seconds of gameplay this was very very bad

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nikin777 responds:

Ok i will add gameover screen. Thanks for review.

Listen, if your game is un finished, don't upload it.

This game was just your generic platformer fare, not really worth saving.

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nikin777 responds:

I need to publish not finished game. I want to hear what things should i fix.

I liked it,but you could make it longer and try fix the bugs,also try make a gameover screen.

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nikin777 responds:

I will add more levels in beta(coming this week or next) If you find a bug tell me about it. Thanks for review.

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2.80 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2012
11:34 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop