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Rise of chaos episode 2 c

rated 1.79 / 5 stars
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Jul 23, 2012 | 10:37 AM EDT

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Author Comments

It has no music or anything like that. but it's in stage 2 the ignorent stage this is a little later on in the episode. this is why it's taking me so long to produce. for the fact that what i'm doing is so crazy and doing it alone too is even crazier i just got a teaser for you. no music or anything like that yet. this is just a script. i mproved everything. i hope you enjoy the teaser.

press play and hit spacebar.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'd offer you some constructive feedback to help you improve, but you clearly have no interest in taking it. So instead, I will just say that this was one of the worst things I've ever seen and you should stop making it.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

@kdaza26 - Don't you mean he "tried"? Ha. Punisher's problem is not his crappy animation or his incoherent story. It's his inability to recognize his own mistakes and his habit of making unrelated excuses. Even constructive criticism he sees as being hateful and abusive.

@Punisher - But on to this flash. It's visually more appealing then most of your other work but it's also incomplete. You can't submit an unfinished project and then tell people they have no right to criticize it because it's not done yet. When you submit a project, finished or not, you are putting it up for criticism. A better idea would be to do a FP post or a post in the forums (assuming you haven't been banned from that again for making useless posts). The improvement in your animation won't make any difference if people can't make sense of your story. I've been telling you that from the get-go.

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Punisher33 responds:

my incoherent sotry line reall? my story line is pretty damn solid dude. i got my plot up and running i got everything good for it. why do you think i put the plot of the story line there at the first episode. so people can read the plot. it's not my fault people don't know how to read. so. like i said. this issue with you and i is far from over. episode 2 is taking me a while for the simple fact that i got this shit slammeed pretty good. i got this entire thing handled. go read. i got my plot up and everything so before you judge anything go. read. the plot is simple. an anchient evil awakens after years of being trapped in a crypt from an anchient battle by using the three stages of chaos. what's more simple than that. the rest of the episode will be each episode will have the plot in the beginning so this way no one can mistake it and they will read in the description. the most simple plot any one can muster up. this plot this time around is real simple to understand.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

@hadhim Shut the **** up, you have no right to say "Oh, this is crap and etc."
He tryed OK!? He tryed. Trying is a great thing to do!
So, shut up!

Great with the Grammar space Punisher!
You improved very well! So I am willing to rate 5 stars and rate 5 for your score. ^^
Keep moving forward!
Kdaza26 out!

Punisher33 responds:

Thanks man. I've had a lot of help. and great friends along the way that did not want me to quit i almost did. but thanks man. i really appreciate the back up.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

You have some things to fix. The main issue is the fact that I had difficulty using the spacebar to move the chat along, it doesn't work. You need to improve your drawing skills. It wad pretty hard to tell that someone was thrown through a wall, work on that. If you're going to make a series, you should get some practice before you start working on it.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

Watching this movie is like having teeth slowly pulled by a 90-year old dentist prone to nap attacks. There's absolutely no sound and hardly any animation. Roughly 90% of the movie consists of sprite characters spouting short, cliche-ridden lines. That would at least be tolerable, however, were it not for the 30-second waiting period between lines, regardless of length. In short, this movie is extremely boring and four times as long as it needs to be. My advice is to add more content instead of needlessly padding your movie by having arbitrary pauses in the dialogue.

Punisher33 responds:

I put no sound there to show that i'm working on something. it's just a sample. i'm still new to the recoloring. to automatically be harsh man before everything is finished. what you said was kind of abusive man. to sit there and say okay he put no effort into it which is fucking crazy man. cause it's like what's on ya bisccute unlike a lot of spriters i actually put work into everything. get of the populairty chain and reconize tallent man. cause spriters steal. at least i'm making my own stuff from nothing man. get with it.