Return of the Snickers

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Will Frodo be able to cast the candy bar into the depths of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory from whence it came? Will the candy bar devour the souls of puppies everywhere?

Will somebody finally fucking shoot that annoying as fuck John Denver impersonator?

We'll see...

Oh and yes, the Snickers bar talks. I can't speak for everyone, but what I can say is that I find it annoying. Why didn't I just remove it outright? Because the payoff is epic. Trust me on this one, do not close the SWF until after it loops back to the preloader.

SINcerely yours,


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Yes, this is the best in the series. I really like how you add a lot more parody to it. In fact, with each installment, you had more going on added. I haven't seen that animated Return Of The King. I am not interested in it. I loved the Nostalgia Critic reference. That titanic movie was at one point the worst film of all time on the IMDB.

The Snickers bar talking makes as much sense as anything else. Imagine how much power a full size one would have. I like your apology to those with diabetes at the beginning. The powerup scene was funny too. That...thing was sure easy to kill.

Psychopath responds:

They're called Orcs. They're called Goblins if you're running by the Hobbit timeline. At least now you're paying slightly better attention to detail before writing a review, it's still not good enough though.

A great installment in the Snickers saga

Yes! Another episode filled with chocolately laced humor of mind bending rings and Homeresque orcs! I love it and many thanks for a great laugh! *wipes away a tear of laughter*

Oh lordy that was good.... Ahhhh....

Psychopath responds:

Glad you enjoyed. Seems like I'm developing a small following. Hope the next episode goes over well.

Lol, why the snickers? Also I think its quite decent and cool you put your time in working around the clips.

Psychopath responds:

Go to my back catalog and watch Bilbo the Diabetic and Lord of the Snickers, you'll see 'why the Snickers'.

Also, thanks for the diplomacy.

i shall give you 1.5 for effort, I mean you really didn't do that much, if you had made it a flash parody of your own and done this it would have been alot better! I mean the animation wasn't that good no offense! The SFX was pretty funny though. Voice over could have been better. Although the snickers bar saying it came in his soul nice creepy touch!

Psychopath responds:

Finally, a review that's actually worth a shit.

But yeah I'm not really interested in animating original content for these LOTR parodies mostly because all the jokes I have for the subject matter are directed at the '70s adaptations of each story on their own right such as Bilbo spazzing out when Frodo shows him the ring in Bakshi's adaptation of Lord of the Rings and just the in general goofy shit that goes on therein and to lack footage from those movies would mean to lack context to merit the jokes. So yeah, I'm keeping the redub parody formulae for future installments.

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Jul 23, 2012
5:11 AM EDT
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