Interactive Mia

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**********READ ME************** **********READ ME**************
This is only my second flash people! No hater comments!!!!
Interact with her by going near clickible places and just click!


I just like to touch the boobs

wellz since your a beginner and this is ok ill give u 4.5

Not bad Not good
I make scroll-over and clickable only but you have better art :o

You're getting better, at least compared to your last flash.
I recommend that you practice a little bit more, try with different poses and interactions, and try to make it seem smoother. Compared to your last flash you show signs of improvement.

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I don't find this that enjoyable. I understand you're a beginner but you need criticism.


Not a big fan of this. The art wasn't good, the character's body was off, there was no shading background was stale. You at least added emotion when certain parts of the body were touched and I'll give you points for that. As you are a beginner you should practice more on art, learn some things or two. But as you are a beginner I understand that you are using a mouse and can't really compete against the professional authors who use tablets. Nevertheless Improve on your artwork even if you have to draw by hand.


no audio at all. I would have given you more points if you had taken the time to add a song or better yet sound effects when you interact with the character.


No story found here. Just a simple interact game.


As I said a simple interactive game not much to say about it. Different faces made when certain parts are touched that was a nice touch.


There isn't much I can say except it was simple. A point and click game that offers little features, as I mentioned many times and will do it again you are a beginner so work hard even if you fuck up keep trying you'll eventually get it and maybe even one day see your work on the front page.

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Color485 responds:

*coughs* Testing *coughs* not trying to be a douche *coughs* but interactive games *coughs* don't have a story *coughs* But I like your icon :)

PS: I consider myself awesome at drawing. :)

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Jul 22, 2012
10:01 PM EDT
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