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per request little boat's on NG for your viewing pleasure!

check out my tumblr if ya want:



Proof that an animation doesn't have to have profuse dialogue or be crammed to bursting with action packed scenes. I love the cyclical storyline of the whole animation; it's sad and sweet and, overall, fantastically done. Were the "hills in the water" (for lack of a better term) 3D animation or 2D? I mean, was this whole piece a combination of 2D and 3D or was it all 2D? Because if it was just 2D, i also have to give you credit for amazing perspective changes. All in all, awesome work!

Nelson responds:

all those hills were made up of 3d movie clips. i think CS3 is the earliest version that has the feature?

Made me cry.

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smooth and pretty to watch, touching story. Keep making animations like this one!

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This story was beautiful in how simple it was. Every time it faced hardship i found myself thinking "Keep going little boat." And I watched as it continued, even when it shouldn't have, and those it affected helped it in return. When it got back to the warzone, and everyone stopped fighting, I actually started to cry because of how touching that was. This was very well done, and I loved it.

Fuck it, five stars.

Amazing journey you've taken us on here man, I loved it.

Funny, peaceful, somewhat sad. I think it had it all.

Great animation, no doubt, and nice use of little to no dialogue.

Going through the war zone was the best bit for me. I liked how the Soldier commandeered the boat, or perhaps even let the boat take him to where he needed to be. It seemed to give the boat some purpose, or rather, made it appear that the boat runs it's own course, and allows you to interact with it should you wish to. And on it's second visit, I think it earnt respect from both sides. Excellent bit of camaraderie between both sides. Kinda reminded me of WWII, where Allies and Axis played football together on Christmas day, over no-mans-land. Reminds you that there is some good in men, even when we're at our worst.

Shit, get that boat going around our world for real, IT'LL SOLVE ALL PROBLEMS!

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Jul 22, 2012
8:21 PM EDT