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In a world without hope were almost everything has vanished into darkness one man struggles for survival.

This is a Survival Horror/Psychological Game were you take the role as old Sam, trying to survive the harsh winter lands. The goal of the game is to simply survive the world's end.

The game features a dynamic event system that, based on the time of day, will trigger different events. Trying to aim for a new experience for each play-through with up to three different endings

Movement - Arrow Keys
Z - Use/Interaction
X - ToggleMenu/Cancel Sleep

NOTE: There are no mouse inputs in this game, only keyboard.

Instructions also follows in game with a tutorial cinematic. Please follow it as it helps a lot. The game will autosave for each new day.

As mentioned there are 3 different endings (Good, Neutral & Bad), depending on how you play the game will result in one outcome. To get an ending you must have received a knock on your door where you are prompted to open it at least 3 times.

I hope to make more games of this sort so if you like it (or don't) please leave a review for feedback and whatnot.

If you encounter strange bugs try updating your Flash Player, usually a lot can be fixed just by doing that.

Good Luck!


very good long term game if you can get over the freaking screamer! It makes you think and wonder only giving you minimal information, very good for a real scare. does it's job of getting inside your head despite it's simplicity.

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Well, I played and got the good ending. It was very well done. The graphics are definitely taken from another game(s?), but not in a tacky way. The atmosphere was the main scare tactic (that, and the jump scares). The controls were smooth and the game seems fairly deeply thought-out.

However, it is very, very vague. The tutorial shows only the bare-bones mechanics of the game. If you could make a page with a few hints it would help people out immensely. Like I said, I got the good ending. I know how to get an ending (talk to the stranger three times), but not what decides the ending you get (I do have an idea, though). There is also very little backstory, at all. This is probably intentional, but some places it would have been nice. I figured out who the girl was, but what is the deal with the blob? It is another denizen of the darkness, but is it hostile, and how does it get into your house? Anyway, this game is very well made and very worth the play.

Here are a few hints for people who are struggling:
1. Put like 4 things of firewood in the fire a day. That number is a bit high, but trust me, you don't want to be in the room when the lights go out.
2. Scout out the surroundings; know where there are bushes and a small lake.
3. Make a daily route that will take you to a few bushes and the lake.
4. When going to sleep at night, make sure you just drank and have a full thing of water, as well as a few berries and a few logs in the fire place.
5. This is only a hunch, so I don't know for sure, but to decide the ending you're going to get *SPOILERS* change how much you go out at night. Going out very little in the darkness will get you a higher ranking. This is due to the darkness *MAJOR SPOILERS* not wanting people studying and bothering them.

Anyway, great game and I found it enthralling, fun, suspenseful and well-done, but also a bit too vague.

Placeable responds:

Thank you for the review!

Yes a lot of thins are left vague for the purpose of the game's story or genre rather. You figured out who the girl is? I think its clear who she is if you've spoken to the Stranger at least the first time OR if you have received the Neutral Ending.

As for the "blobs" people call them, if you get the Bad Ending you'll know what they are :)

I love this game soo much. Great job!

To get the neutral ending, ignore the first knock, and answer the two after that
To get the good ending answer all the knocks
For the bad ending, don't answer any of the knocks

Dont go to the river on top, go on the one on the bottom (for neutral and good ending)

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I love this game! I wish it had a survival mode to see how many days you can survive!
But Why can't we go fishing if we had a fish at the start? still it's a awsome game and I LOVE it!

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I got the Neutral ending first, then the Good ending. The Good ending I can understand, and is pretty straight-forward and solved some question about what is happening. The Neutral one... that one is quite strange, explained less, but served to confuse you more and well, I liked that ending best. It seemed to fit better with the already weird and creepy story by adding another layer of mystery with a different kind of creepiness to it. Maybe when I get my nerves back, I'll try to get the Bad ending...

Oddly enough, I didn't jump at all in the first play-through, even though it's midnight and I'm all alone in my lonely home. Strange... and yet, I jumped a few times in the second play-through. I guess it can take a while sometimes for something to get to you...

Anyway, nice game. Simple and effective. Many games focus on having lots to do, but not have a great story, or a great story with little to do or little prodding you on. This game makes you forget that you pretty much have just three tasks: Gather provisions daily, stay out of the darkness, and make a decision as to what you can trust around you... all as each day becomes more and more difficult.
Also, the enclosing darkness, as well as having less daylight each day, makes your environment feel much bigger, for as small as it actually is... another way you made simplicity work. So well done!

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Jul 22, 2012
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