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In a world without hope were almost everything has vanished into darkness one man struggles for survival.

This is a Survival Horror/Psychological Game were you take the role as old Sam, trying to survive the harsh winter lands. The goal of the game is to simply survive the world's end.

The game features a dynamic event system that, based on the time of day, will trigger different events. Trying to aim for a new experience for each play-through with up to three different endings

Movement - Arrow Keys
Z - Use/Interaction
X - ToggleMenu/Cancel Sleep

NOTE: There are no mouse inputs in this game, only keyboard.

Instructions also follows in game with a tutorial cinematic. Please follow it as it helps a lot. The game will autosave for each new day.

As mentioned there are 3 different endings (Good, Neutral & Bad), depending on how you play the game will result in one outcome. To get an ending you must have received a knock on your door where you are prompted to open it at least 3 times.

I hope to make more games of this sort so if you like it (or don't) please leave a review for feedback and whatnot.

If you encounter strange bugs try updating your Flash Player, usually a lot can be fixed just by doing that.

Good Luck!



Cool game, but you totally ripped off that movie with Hayden Christensen, Vanishing on 7th Street...didn't read all the reviews, but several pages and nobody else seems to have noticed...decent movie, but yeah, absolute EXACT plot here :) you sneaky lil bastard

Placeable responds:

Hah! I've never actually seen that movie. I just figure I was mostly inspired from Alan Wake (Were the Antagonist is The Darkness) and Amnesia among some games. I'll take a look at the movie, but according to IMDB it seems to have a pretty low raiting.

Thanks for the heads up though, I'll take a look at it but somehow I believe I won't be liking the movie much.

There needs to be a way to make or find more lamp oil. Just running out and then being out for the rest of the game is unacceptable.

If you get caught outside and it gets dark, it goes pitch black and there's literally no way to explore. "Well, guess I just stand here and wait for death."

Placeable responds:

You had been warned! :P

There is a way to get more lamp oil, but its for you to find out.

This could have been much better.

As apposed to what others say, this DOES rely on scary face jumps. Every night there was one of those. And things didn't make sense at all, exploring didn't result in anything else but more meat and water. I basicly could have played the game by these steps:

1: Get water, fill bottle
2: Get berries or meat
3: Put wood on the fire, or don't. Not like you know whether you should or shouldn't.
4: Sleep till the stats run low, repeat above.
4: Do whatever you want with the stranger and whatever, not like you are going to survive past day three.

You should NEVER be too tired to put a log on the fire. That doesn't make much sense.

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4.00 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2012
5:40 PM EDT
Adventure - Other