Beaver Creek

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The animals in the forest can no longer tolerate that Beaver Creek! There are too many dams and no one can pass through the river. It's up to you help our little animal friends bust through the Beaver Creek.


awsome, that was reaaly cool!

I don't know what's with people screaming about a clone! I myself enjoyed playing the game and I don not care if it looks similar to angry birds which is not exactly anyway. I play many games and see people do they same thing, wimping about something being a clone of something. so what? It's a nice game, bunch of funny sounds, coule use more upgrades maybe, more fish or some type of weapons. I like

This game is well made, no bugs, good graphics, but it completely rips off angry birds besides the levels and the fact that the fish are what you throw and the beavers are your targets, but that's where the differences end, it has the same kind of special birds from the game, even down to the color, from what parts I played at least, maybe in different order and being given way too early in my opinion, for example red fish don't have anything special (Like the red birds) Blue fish split into three, and yellow fish speed up exponentially to go through obstacles, this game is completely unoriginal and an obvious rip-off to Angry Birds for those who have played that, I applaud how well you were able to make this game but you should use ideas that you thought of yourself instead of stealing them.

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nothing new, crush the castle and angry birds are better games. and i do not play even angry birds.

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frame rate was a bit slow and I can already tell that this isn't laptop friendly.

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3.44 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2012
5:25 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional