Goblin Flying Machine

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Evil dwarfs kidnapped your goblin girlfriend âEU" now you need to launch yourself and fly up to their huge dwarven zeppelin to rescue her.

Controls: Use mouse to control the character. Press the mouse button to swing the wings and fly up when falling.


Flying Cow: Lets just chill here by this wizard dude... screw logic ya know? xD i found this game to be... original at that. dont know about the actual game play, i would wish for more bosses just to add some more fun into it... it gets boring and annoying after a while listening to those noises. and maybe better upgrades? i beat this with max bounciness upgrade, didnt need anything else. do that and ill give 4-5 stars.

A decent twist on the classic launch, a few problems though. One, the sound effects are really annoying, especially the witch. Two, the game is too short; I would have beaten it in 4 days if not for the last boss bugging on me dying without reaching the bottom. Three, the aforementioned bugginess. And four, the upgrades are largely useless except for bounciness. Address those issues and you'll have a decent game on your hands.

it's hard to read and understand what to do in the game

This game has a high replay value.
Solid graphics and programming, though the noises are a little annoying.
I found the rest of the game enjoyable though.

Interesting and original :)

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3.18 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2012
4:42 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler