Chaos: Born Again

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This is my vry forst animation ever it only took me a couple hours for this. There is no sound but i think its pretty funny. I know its pretty low quality so any pointers on what programs i should use, tools, or just tips on animation would be usefull thnx guys/girls, i hope u enjoy it. Think of this as a sneak peak of the real animation that will be longer, w/sound, and voices. have fun. and dont forget to leave comments plz. Btw there is a segment where it looks like the big guy has a ding-a-ling. its not. its his arm that got "cut off". i just didnt feel like going back an fixing it. lol its quick and ALMOST unnoticable. but still itll give u something to look for.

So anyway. Blue and black are like brothers who dont get along. Green is kind of the leader. Black is weapons expert. Blue is a hand to hand combat expert. And green is really good with melee weapons. Blue will try to solve his problems through talking for the most part, while black is a friendly neighborhood psychopath. Green is a realistic, leader, he's allergic to bullshit, and retarded shit gives him a face palm, (if not a head ache), every now and then.


Is this is your worst animation why did you post it?

jesta828 responds:

i didnt know it was so fast im trying to fix the problem right now. also i dont know how to take it down or i would have done it last night X-D.

It's a pretty nice animation, but it's a little too fast for me.

jesta828 responds:

do u know how to slow it down? i've been trying to figure it out all last night and today.

It's good for a first time, but it needs direction in order to make it through to the portal.

This is pretty damn low quality and overall poor animation. You should drag out the frames more, and overall, have more frames. But it's good for a first, I suppose.

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jesta828 responds:

it was much slower in the program i used, but when i converted the file it sped up dramatically. i dont know how to fix it i've been trying all nigh im so fustrated i havent slept i cant figure it out. I dont even know if the program im using is the problem or not.

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Jul 22, 2012
4:44 AM EDT