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Beyond Heroics ep: Prolog

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Author Comments

Legit, I almost did name this Injustice... dammit DC. Anyways I havent released anything for awhile. Its been so long and I decided to throw this together as a bit of a prologue to the series now named BEYOND HEROICS. I got the idea after reading about the Marvel Civil war. Thought it would be a great excuse to fill my deep crossover hunger. Its gonna be an ongoing thing and I hope to improve my skills as I go on, so please give me tips, tricks, advice and all that helpful criticism (constructive please i really don't wanna see "this sucks go die") Also This movie (in comparison to what i can do) is rather... lackluster in my opinion. So... bear with me im still waking up lol.


Usually I hate crossovers, but this was done very well. The fighting scenes were awesome, but my only problem ( and i say problem very loosely ) is that when there was no fighting, when they were just talking, there wasn't any bg music.

narutosMASTA responds:

Hm. alright, ill take that into heart.

FUCKING AMAZING i like the guy with black and purple details and i noticed the ka-me-ha-me-haaaaaaaa and that was amazing 5 MOTHER FUCKING STARS

narutosMASTA responds:

hehe thank you =^.^=

Warning: This review may be a spoiler. Read at your own risk.

It has been a real while since i`ve reviewed anything at all. Making animations to provide the internet`s devoted spectators with something innovative and refreshing can be very distracting, (and exhausting). One day i just may be able to review the medal game collection. Don`t Worry NewGrounds, i`m keeping track of you. But enough about that.

You sir, have once again created a stupendous and marvelous piece of achievement. Compared to 2012`s generation level, the animation skill is mediocre, and that`s why i love it. In fact, its mediocrity that should take the lead in this world, am i wrong?... The fights are fluidly executed along with a breath-taking coreography. A unique style which will get you wondering what will happen, being forced not to even BLINK to not miss whats going on. So i give a 7/10. The fact that you mentioned its rushed up... I can`t see that. But i CAN see you still have a habit of using Lame fonts. Fix the font thing, use text-boxes or something, actionscripting (except if you want cinematics WITH text at the same time). But yea, a seven outta ten is a decent score i hope. The Characters` are executed as well as the background. The effect coreography is really astounding and i am only SPEECHLESS about how much of a dramatic sequence you added up to this fight. I literally punched the air when I saw Sasuke fall onto the ground. You have DEVASTATINGLY improved. Kudos to you, and your hard work. :D

The storyline execution. So far i`m loving it. I`m ENTIRELY loving the fact that you managed to include originally constructed characters, moreso that they are resembling old anime franchises. AND that you`ve so far managed to balance and sort the characters out in an entire crossover series is making this even more essential for all of us. I`ll give you pure 10/10 for this.

One last thing. I`ll give you extra credit that you are heavily using Dragon Ball Z soundeffects but i didn`t get a feel NOR a slight pinch that this is Dragon Ball Z influenced in ANY way. Kudos for that bro, and i`m willing to see more from you.

Keep up the great work, and may this be a perfect example and inspirational piece of achievement for all the newcomer and fresh sprite animators out there, working hard to do the same thing you did. Entertain me.

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narutosMASTA responds:

lolz, I slammed a kamehameha wave in there and it still didn't come off as DBZish? awesome. Did something right. yeah i thought i might get a complaint about tht one "oh why does he have a kamehameha" cuz its in my storyline. Eat it. Ill work on those txt box things i have been getting a little rough when it came to that. So ill work on tht specifically. I do have one idea in mind... Thank you sir for the thorough review.

Very nice idea. I think it will work out great!

narutosMASTA responds:

Me too! :D we have so much in common....

nice.. just nice

narutosMASTA responds:

Thank u. :)

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Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2012
9:29 PM EDT