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Try to find your way out of the different levels of mazes. Use arrow keys to walk around and press Space bar to activate switches that you will see during game. Once you find the gate, just walk through.


To start off it could really use some music to keep people entertained while they are playing, also a timer for levels and score system so it challenges people to get better scores. a back to menu button if a timer is made to get a better score and redo levels that have been done. maybe an enemy that walks a certain pattern so you have to avoid causing it to be more challenging w/o these things its simple and doesnt require skill. hope these ideas help you, good luck :)

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Needs improvements... here's a few thoughts:
-Increase the walking speed, it's painfully slow at the moment.
-There is no reason (at the moment) why player should press space when at a switch. Make the switches so that they are automatically activated when player touches them.
-Add keyboard navigation to the main menu and the "next level" screens so that the player doesn't need to unnecessarily move his/hers hand to the mouse between levels.
-Make harder levels. For example there could be switches that activate multiple blocks, and two different switches could operate one single block. Using this it's possible to increase the difficulty so that you can actually call this a puzzle instead of run through.
-Add background music (with mute and volume control options).
-Add a timer to the levels and a level selector. Maybe also a high score list is in place.
-Some enemies could also make it a little more interesting.

Hopefully we'll see another submission soon. :)

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Not a bad game. Just a little too simple and it could use some music too.

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Boring! But it could be worst.

It's just another maze game. Nothing different, nothing fun.

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2.52 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2012
3:29 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other