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Dungeon of Genesis

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Have a fun time playing this one I wanted to make a role playing game with action!
This was my first try at this, there are nine heroes but only three are out at the start. You will need to find a way to unlock them as you play through the game.

Sorry, about the freezes, lags, and crashing. I'm not sure why it happened. But it didn't do so before the medals.

So we removed the medals from the game to fix the problems. We will try to add them back at a later time after we understand what happened.

I fixed enemies AI
I added more info on the level screen
I fixed the jump, but I know it needs a lot more work
I added and removed enemies
I changed the xp you get from fighting enemies
Also I changed the control jump from space to W
Also I plan on redoing the background at a later time so the enemies attacks will be more seeable.

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this game is not good at all really to be honest it is playable but it is still crap i am only giving it one star because it is alright but please IMPROVE everything then contact people to play the other MUCH BETTER version. the only reason im giving one star because it is kind of playable.

How dare you steal Dovahkiin!You now there is copyrights to Skyrim!

Esse jogo é pessimo.

I stumbled upon this game earlier today. It left an impression to me and I felt that I should write a review. Truth be told, the impression that I got from this game is overwhelmingly bad:

Graphics/Animation: 0.5/5

Even for this kind of game, they are too simple. Nothing against a simple style but this doesn't even look good. The colour scheme of both the background in the main menu and the levels (atleast for Level 1,2 and 3, I was unable to play the others but that's another point) is horrid. Enemies shoot grey projectiles in front of a grey background - that is not a good idea. It almost feels like you made it look bad on purpose. Atleast the characters look somewhat decent. Work on this and get rid of colour combinations that create a horrible contrast. It would be great if you would also use another font that doesn't look that basic.

Audio: 0/5

I wondered why the sound was turned off by default - then I turned the sound on and got my answer. Not only is the music a short loop, the music itself is of such a bad quality (due to compression, I guess) that I can only wonder how you didn't notice this problem. We have an excellent audio portal and you can upload flashes to dumpggounds to test flashes - there is no excuse to dish out such bad audio quality in a flash game - where audio can help to elevate the athmoshpere. Would have been helpful since the game doesn't deliver in other parts either. Fix the quality of the song, or preferably choose another AND longer song. The current one is maybe 30 seconds long, way too short. It would be perfect if you could implent more than one song, though. Maybe a new one every 5 levels.

Content/Gameplay: 0/5

I can give you no points in this regard. I said it previously, you can test flashes in dumpgrounds. To me, it seems like you never tried this game out even once - the errors appear too frequent and there are way too many issues with the gameplay. The most important one being that the game will freeze up after some time - yet again, such a MAJOR bug is not acceptable upon releasing the game to the portal. The controls are clunky and the hero gets stuck very often.
The leveling system doesn't work at all - you wouldn't be able to get to Max Level anyways with the game-crashing bugs.
Long story short, most medals are unattainable and the game itself is unplayable and beyond that clunky.

Overall: 0/5

There is one good thing that I can say about this game : there are tons of ways to improve it. Making it playable is a good start. Then fixing problems with the gameplay like the not working leveling system. Some medals like the 25 death medals are also not working but that is at the moment a minor issue.
I strongly recommend that you test your games in the future before you release them. Newgrounds offers you enough possibilities to do so.