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Another random adventure BETA 0.01
IS A BETA!!! to test the base code
i m working in the story :)
Move with < and > (v is useless now)
z=jump (multiple jump too)
x=atack (only with the sword)
space bar=sword (you jump less)
R=kill yourself
PD:_Bugs everywhere (?)
_white ball give you an extra jump
_if you jump from the ground, you ll have two jumps. In the other hand if you start your first jump in the air (leaving you to fall down) you ll have three jumps.


Song from minecraft Maybe...

I get that it's a beta, but having the Capcom era "perfect jump" skill needed on the "easy" level really doesn't make me want to stick around for the finished product.

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There should be some sort of plot to it. I mean, I know it's supposed to be random, but where did the Jedi rabbit come from? Who is the female bunny? Why is he eating bugs? Rabbits don't eat bugs.

The first level. Hard. It takes too many tries to make it to the bug way up there, and to make it across the ditch. It's the first level - you shouldn't have to test the player's limits until the last levels, but even then don't make it so hard. Remember, it's a different experience for the players. Try to get someone you know test it, if it helps. ... Why are the white orbs out of reach?

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Motasashy responds:

thanks, i will consider your comment. i didnt want to put the story in the beta but, yes, its exist. also he is not eating bugs xD just are green orbs... and you are right, i will make it more easy c:

the jumping system is a little off its ok though

You made it impossible to get past the part where you have to kill the first monster, then jump across. Graphics need work as well, especially the green ball object.

Motasashy responds:

is posible, just try again (i added a guide c: )

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2.61 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2012
4:49 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other