Niwit Slide

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Staying focused 5 Points

Play for more than 5 minutes.

We are all equals 5 Points

Complete a level with each character.

Silver slider 25 Points

Get a silver (or gold) medal on each level.

Winners' torch 25 Points

Complete the first 7 levels.

Champion of Ninitak 50 Points

Complete all 4 challenge levels.

Author Comments

NOTE: This version includes an Easy mode, as many of you requested. Hope you have fun, now!

"In the world of OONi, Niwit is the name of the Tribe of the Ice. Each year they celebrate the Niwit Slide race to find the new Champion of the Ninitak Mountains. This year, other tribes have challenged the Niwit to their own game in order to obtain the mighty Frostorch."

You can choose from 4 unique characters, each with different skills. Reach the best time on each track and try to achieve the gold medal. Collect coins and trade them for upgrades (which you'll definitely need).

Speed Up: RIGHT arrow or D
Speed Down: LEFT arrow or A
Jump / Double Jump (if unlocked) / Zambu special skill: UP arrow or W
Special skill (except Zambu): SPACE
Pause: P
Mute (in-game): M

If the game runs slowly try disabling backgrounds and terrain slopes in the Options menu.

If you get dizzy because of the game's awesome speed, try focusing your sight more in your character and less in the moving objects.

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This is crap.

Good crap. Five stars.

This looks really good, and I bet it has great potential of becoming something bigger and better. There are a couple iffys here and there. First off, the hazards, speed boosts, etc. all look really plain. Maybe you could change what they look like, such as turning them into trampolines, stalagmites, etc.? Also I've noticed that some character's powers don't work entirely. Other than that, great game!

I love this game :D It's so addictive! I especially love the Nocturne Pass level.

Also, this may sound strange, but this game's hints are really good....I hate it when games give you completely random advice that doesn't help, but this game actually tries to help you out with what you've done wrong when you make a mistake :D

OONi responds:

Thanks for your review! We actually spent a lot of time working on the hints, so we are glad that you found them helpful!

Feels like a Wii game which is awesome :D

OONi responds:

We are actually Wii fans, so that's awesome! Thanks!

I found this game to be pretty interesting and generally enjoyable, however that last level takes the skill needed in previous levels and adds a rather unappealing luck factor. The game isn't meant to be easy, but when you have to replay a certain level or checkpoint over and over again ad nauseum, the overall level of frustration starts to soar. Long story short, the wind effect - while being an interesting idea in theory - is way too cheap and monstrous when you have to rely on near perfect timing to get past obstacles.

That being said, I'm happy to report that I pushed on through to the end, and I'm glad I did. I was able to snag some in-game achievements, max out the upgrades, and earn some nifty Newgrounds medals in the process. While I may have found some of the obstacles to be somewhat over the top vicious, I found the gameplay itself to be fun, in a particularly frenetic sort of way. I even soldiered through one of the challenge levels with the fourth character to earn yet one more achievement before calling it quits.

Playing most of the levels from start to finish without having to restart a checkpoint requires an incredibly amount of luck, but fortunately there's still a chance to claim the silver (or even gold) medal even if you get bounced back once or twice. Except for the final level that is, where I can't really imagine anyone being lucky enough to walk away with a medal of any kind. The addition of four different player characters is a nice touch, but I honestly didn't end up using that many character abilities to get through the levels. The upgrades are a nice touch, but many of them are all but vital for later stages, so that would have seemed kind of unfair if it weren't ridiculously easy to accumulate coins.

Well, in conclusion I have to say good work overall. You've made a game that looks nice, and it plays like it's supposed to--even if it's a bit of a frustration fest at times. Nicely done.

OONi responds:

Thanks you for taking the time to review! People like you will help us make better games in the future :)

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2012
1:31 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily 4th Place July 21, 2012