The Amazin Spidaman

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A strange tale told about the amazing spiderman.
Created by Willva
Spiderman voice and additional sound by Chris Zambelis aka SeiyruRenaih
Narrator and JJ voice by Mick Lauer aka RicePirate


super gross

wynand responds:

=D awesome, kinda what I was going for haha

I'm sorry to say this but this is really bad, there was no part in this were i even thought about laughing, it's dirty in a very wrong way

wynand responds:

I'm sorry it wasn't dirty in the right way =(

Wow this is one of the worst parodies I have ever seen. Seriously what the fuck? Web out of his ass? I understand where you get it from but would rathernot have see it in very scene. Also th animation though not bad wasnt that good either, and wow terrible voice work, guy didn't take it ver serously at all, and when you recoded the *this is all the lyrics you gave me, realyruined it.

Sorry I just don think this immature way of going about this parody was all that good and almost was funny but was just too stupid t do it for m.

Sorry better luck next time, and really work on the voice work, and come up with a way of doing this without stuff like jizz in your face, and we coming out his anus, just do it for 1 scene that would be enough, doesn't even make sense he is more man than spider anyways, he uses technolog for the web it doesn't come from him.

wynand responds:

Ahh your just mad cause no one really liked the movie... hush hush I feel your pain... shhh don't cry now shhhh sleeeeeeep

Why is this still on the front page? It has bad art, not so great animation, not to mention the disgusting theme and 12 year old humor....

wynand responds:

Haha is the jizz shot scarred into your memory banks or something?

didnt think this was funny
badly voiced n juvenile
animationw asnt terrible but this wasnt funny

wynand responds:

But the voices are the best part! I think they did a wonderful job.. Jokes were a bit odd though haha

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3.84 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2012
10:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody