WW2 Last Defense

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It is 1944, near the end of WW2. The axis powers are making their final assault, their last push towards victory. Your troops are all dead and it is up to you.


I don't have much to say about this game. The "ugrades" didn't seem worth the time. There was no real appreciable difference, especially with speed.
Some weapon choice would've been nice, or power-ups. I just can't recommend this one.

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thsi game sucked thumup down all the way the speed upgrade it would no let me move or shoot and at the bennigain i moved to slpow

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your game is ok but it could be better with a variety of enemies,more weapons, more upgrades.
also its a lot repetitive because the game is shoot kill choose upgrade repeat and nothing more so i give it a 3

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ability to purchase health and change weapons would be nice.

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I think "nothing too new or special" really fits this well.
The movement speed doesn't seem to change movement speed that much, but what really irks me is that upgrading the damage is required if you want to keep one-hit-kills. It was interesting at first, It made me realized on Day 2 that enemies would keep getting stronger. But then I had two-shot kills for several days, until suddenly I had to attack enemies that had NO health in their bar. I'd change that if I were you, so that graphically, the enemy's health bar is sectioned into however many hitpoints they have (at that point).

There is no way to heal your barricade (which is fine, makes it more "intense"), and you do get to shoot different enemies (after like, Six days. What's the hold up?). Actually, it wasn't until the machine-gunners shot me that I found out my barricade even HAD health. I thought it was just a game of keep-away.

Where is the music from?
Are the costumes historically accurate?

I'm giving you this extra half-star because when the enemies die, they fall down at different angles, and I think that's pretty cool.

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2.57 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2012
6:31 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed