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Watch Funny School Things Redux first? (highly recommended)

Watch Funny School Things 2?

All the extras from Funny School Things Redux, compiled into one helpful flash! With Deleted Scenes, Animatics, Outtakes, a new Author's Note, concept art, and even more, there's plenty of stuff to check out for the average Funny School Things fan! If you didn't watch Funny School Things Redux yet though, I'd highly recommend that you go check that out first.

By the way, there's also a new easter egg!
Extras Runtime: 8:47

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I don't think I'd seen the original cartoon. Eh, with the thousands of stuff I've reviewed, I probably did at one point. Anyway, it's great to see how much hard work and effort you took into this. I think this might be the only submission I've seen like this. It's kind of like a DVD of a movie. It manages to have everything except the actual movie. You have a nice speaking voice.

It was interesting to try to piece together what this story was about. The overall animation was decent. I also liked how you mentioned how long this was. Of course, it kind of changes with how long you might look at some things. It still managed to clock out at about nine minutes for me!

Aqlex responds:

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed this submission even though it omitted the main cartoon! I decided to separate the Extras the the Original cartoon because together, they produced a fairly large file, and I thought that I might as well create a separate upload for it so that those that only wanted to watch the main cartoon wouldn't have to waste time loading and navigating through extra content. The DVD extras menu is exactly what I was trying to emulate here.

And yeah, the runtime is really only calculated from the sections that have some kind of runtime to them. All the menus and sections where you can spend time reading/looking are not used in the final calculation.

Anyway, I'm always happy to hear that someone enjoys these collections of extras. I put a lot of time into putting them together, and like to know somebody actually checks them out. Thanks for the review, Ericho!

Very nice stuff and some of it kind make nice desktop backgrounds as well. The only concern here is aside from the Outtakes and Earlier sketch pieces is that there was no sound to be heard and the credits from Funny School Things R part 2 is used rather than just overall credits for this one.

Seeing earlier pieces that would have been done a bit differently was pretty nice and comparing the first Funny School Things to the second one it was nice seeing that your drawing improved over time which makes this look better.

Aside from it being some neat little outtakes, it's alright.

Review Request Club

Aqlex responds:

Nice desktop backgrounds? I never really considered that xD. I do agree that a lot of the extras were fairly silent. When I did the extras for Funny School Things 2, I included an endlessly looping F-777 song, but I actually got a bit of feedback about that being annoying, so I decided to take out the endlessly looping song this time around. I guess I've got to find some other way to keep things interesting? Anyway, thanks for the review, it gave me some stuff to think about =).

It's a nice addition to "Funny School Things". I like the story boards you included here. It shows how much work and planning can be put into a flash, especially if other people are writing the script.

The menu is very well done. I like the extra info you added at the borders of the menu, it's a very interesting read. And it also explains what the viewer can expect to see/hear.

Overall: A very nice addition to your "Funny School Things Redux" (as I've already statet) and I'm glad that you shared those little extra things with us.

{ Review Request Club }

Aqlex responds:

Thank you! I always like to compile all of these extras because there is so much stuff that's done that people never get to see in the finished product (such as storyboards and outtakes). I'm happy that you found it a nice addition to the original animation =). Again, thank you for the review!

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Jul 19, 2012
1:02 AM EDT
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