Funny School Things Redux

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Watch the extras: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/599403
Watch Funny School Things 2: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/547118

Almost an entire year behind schedule, here is Funny School Things Redux. It's a remade-from-scratch collection of short skits based on real things that happened to my friends and I. It's completely rewritten, reanimated, and re-voiced. Two new skits have been added (written by Ana Reyes and Melissa Spanton), the voiceactor total has jumped from 2 to 18, and a whole bunch of new extras have been added to the mix. If you enjoyed it, be sure to check out part 2! (The link is at the top). There is also a separate Extras upload containing bloopers, animatics, concept art, and etc., for those interested in seeing that stuff =).

There is an easter egg on the main menu.
Runtime (w/o credits): 6:19
Extras Runtime: 2:05

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It was funny. And to top it off you used one of F-777's songs! That makes it 10X better

"I'm not even going to answer that."

Very funny and true! Almost all of these things happened to me before, which makes it better. The only thing I didn't really like is that towards the beginning, most of the voice actors kind of sounded a bit emotionless and robotic. Other than that, good job!

Aqlex responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah it was all done by me and my friends, and basically none of us are professionals, so I can see that that would stick out a bit.

I found this to be pretty funny since I can imagine some of it happening at the school I went to at least although the teachers were rather bland. So these are all based on true things that happened or just entirely word for word what happened during each skit?

The animation was pretty nice and I didn't seem to notice too much being wrong aside from all of the girls looking flat-chested despite being in high school. The one girl's panties looked pretty good although I feel the lines could have been a bit longer on the panties showing the outline of her rear a little better. Then the black guy changing to a shade of blue while the coach did nothing but stand there was pretty sad.

The audio was good although for the outside segment you could have added in light car sounds or wind in the background for it while having the bag on his head move a bit too. Some of the things said were pretty funny to say the least. Very entertaining too.

Overall, quite humorous and funny.

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Aqlex responds:

It's tough for me to say whether these skits are based on true things or entirely word for word. In many cases, I sincerely tried to recreate what I remembered to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, many of these things happened years in the past (one of these happened in 4th grade), and memory has a way of slowly changing over time and not keeping a perfect record of the events that happened. Also, while trying to stay true to the events that happened, I often changed around small things for convenience, such as the placement of certain things or cutting down some of the situations to the best parts (keeping all the boring fluff would have just made it unbearably long and boring). I feel that no matter how closely I can try to replicate some of the situations, I'll have to say that they are ultimately based on truth as opposed to being THE truth.
On the animation side, I apologize for the flat-chestedness, that's just a failure in my art skills =P. The butt drawing was something I never even drew before, so I'm glad it came out decent. I do agree that there could have been some more background sound, and that is actually something that I originally meant to do but somehow entirely spaced out on (though it would have increased the filesize and possibly increased some lag during playback).
I'm glad you enjoyed the animation, and thanks for the review!

Long winded, but funny.

Some good shorts in there, some bad ones and some that are a little indifferent. I'm not sure about the characters still facing forward and "bouncing" off screen, it makes the animation look a little untidy, as if you can't be bothered to make a walking animation for them.

The writing shows good observation and a unique perspective that school-age kids have on the world, particularly with things that they have heard in other places and don't quite understand (the rape joke, for example), plus the ability to twist a line of dialogue from innocent to innuendo laden in less than half a second. I still do that and I'm nearly 30... there may be something wrong with me, though.

School has given you some good memories, treasure them and come back to us, when you've got some for College, as I bet they are just as funny.

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Aqlex responds:

Yeah, I actually purposely did the "bouncing" because if I had to create walk cycles for each of the characters in this thing, I don't think I'd have ever gotten it done. This was a re-animated version of an animation that I made many years ago, so I have since then gone into college, and have already started a list of similar situations that I could turn into an animation. I'm not sure if I'm going to yet, but they are written down in case I ever decide to do it. Thanks for the review =)

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Jul 19, 2012
1:01 AM EDT
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