Fog Fall 4

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The Fog Fall 4 is the next edition in post-apocalyptic hidden object thriller.It will haunt your dreams as it challenges your imagination.


This game is as great if not better than the previous episode but it is a bit more challenging, a little harder to navigate through, and much longer. I was also quite surprised that there are two (possibly three?) groups in this game is one of them is domesticating mutants for labor. However, there are some bits are a bit confusing and leaves some questions unanswered. These questions (separated into groups are) are:

*Why does Cupertown have "Coopertown" as an alternative spelling (The two spellings are even together on one of the pictures)?

*What canonically happened to Lynch and Anne at the end of Part 3 considering that there were two endings?

*Who were the people and the kid that ambushed the protagonist at the beginning of this game and stole his belongings? Are they the same as the group you get the chopper chain from (if not, that confirms that there are three groups, not two)? What is the boy from Part 3 doing in Cupertown and with that group? Is the group the same as the Observers from Part 3 or a different group altogether?

Asides from these questions being unanswered, I have to say that I hope the fifth game is being made and will be released sometime, because I'd like to know what happens to the protagonist when he goes to Puffin Bay and meets John Smith there. This series, along with Morbid and Aurora, are in dire need of sequels and I'd like to see it. Kudos to you for making all three and hopefully I'll see all three continued. Awesome job, btw!

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I love this saga.I'm really anxious for what will happen the next chapter.
The boy next to the "bad guy" in the house...is not the one who helps you copy the strange drawings in the previous chapter? Is he bad?
And what are those pink things? Are they infected or something?
THE INTRIGUE IS KILLING ME.That's why I love PastelGames.Keep them coming!

I will not tell the code for the door with Hospital logo. Only I can say that this is very simple. Just go where is the vertical crack in the wall. By the way, find all peaces to the chess board, and if you want enter to the door witch is guarded, just gave the man cigarettes. All from me.

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The layout of the screens could have been less obtuse, but a good game overall, and devishly clever at times too. It was also refreshing to have a completely different area that wasn't partially repeating some of the screens from a previous game.

I must ask though, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS CAR? I mean, the truck was working at the end of Fog Fall 3, yet this one starts with him walking into Coppertown, and then leaving it on a motorcycle...

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Favourite flash game series ever made OH MY GOD THE LOVE

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Jul 18, 2012
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Adventure - Point 'n Click
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