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Eleventh Hour

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Author Comments

** This was developed for the Mochi 60 second competition and came first! This is why the game isn't super long and has also got a timer. We're thinking about making a much larger game though if there is interest! You can see the contest here http://www.mochimedia.com /contest/jun12 **

Eleventh Hour is an exploration based game in which you must race against the clock to find your daughter before your town is destroyed by a nuclear strike. The only problem is that your town has turned into a hive of undead monsters. Can you discover the mystery of it all and rescue your daughter within the time limit?

Super thanks to Tom for the FP! :)

Arrow keys to move.
'Z' to shoot (When you have acquired the gun)
Spacebar to interact.

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Beautiful little game. Now I dont know what some nincompoops below commenting its not good, cause I found it very good. Of course its not very long can be completed in 2 or 3 trys but that was the point, it was made to be short as given in Author Comments, it was supposed to be for 60 sec competition or something. A simple yet very creative this game is worth a play. I wish this game had sequels and further parts or maybe other such games would be good too.

"it was just the beginning" is a REALLY cheap narrative device. when a story is over, it's over.

was going to give this a 5 because for its length it was great, but you soiled it badly with that cheap ploy at the end

did it, its set up so you get in at der last speckond

not bad. nice gameplay
this was made for a 60 sec game competition so you cant expect it to be long.

The game is good but alittle more time would help